I recieved a Rock Me in Petrol Glossy

  1. Beautiful bag, thanks for the pics.!
  2. Simply gorgeous.
  3. Hey Bonnie!

    Have to say, this was one of the styles I was considering but I must confess, I don't know if I like it as much as I thought I would........I'd love to see what it looks like when it's more cinched.........What are your thoughts Bonnie?? Have you worn it yet?

    Apologies for being "Debbie Downer"......just not what I expected. The pics on the BE site look so different.
  4. ^^ I agree it looks different from the BE website... I'm still intrigued though.. can't wait to see the modeling pics!
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    Thanks all for your lovely comments!

    Contessa..lol..no speak up, please..yes, I have worn it, and yes, I should have chosen a more relaxed leather, BUT this leather will relax. Now the bag stands stiff and upright..this will of course look unnatural, but I thought it could be a good opportunity to check out the model, how it is cut etc.Had it been a realxed leather this would have been very difficult!

    I do like the opening..that it is larger makes it very pleasant to get stuff in and out ,and I did wear it like this, without cinching it at all..lol..how could I do anything else..this leather...hahaha

    Also the open outer pockets are a plus.

    I would compare it leatherwise with the Hug Me. IMO this model needs the pebbled or crash leathers,or at least a soft type. ..and so it is with this one. It is meant to be a soft and smoochy bag, to wear in a relaxed manner..THIS is what I like with it! The easygoing part.

    Luckily my private bag-softener came by last evening, and took it with her ;) She will tame the leather in no time!
  6. I love it!! Congrats! You are on some kind of roll :smile:
  7. Bonnie - Congrats on your new BE! I'm glad to hear that you like it. Like others, I've been curious about this new style but not willing to jump in and buy right away.

    Although I thought I might like this style based on the pictures on the BE wesite, I'm not sure about it now. I think it's because I'm not crazy about bags in which the top of the bag is wider than the bottom. I love the LM Midi and TME Midi styles so much that I'm not sure that Jackie can come up with another shoulder bag style that I like better than the bags I already have. I hope to see more pictures of the Rock Me and Rock Me Midi. You never know - I wasn't crazy about the LM Midi at first and now I love it!

    Enjoy your bag and thanks for taking the time to write the review and post pictures. There haven't been a lot of reveals lately, so it's nice to see something new.
  8. Yum yum - looks good enough to eat
  9. Thanks for the pics! You have gotten a ton of gorgeous bags!

    I was into the Rock Me, but like others am thrown by the top. The top flaring out reminds me of the way the JC Riley did and I hated that part of the bag.

    But it is a gorgeous bag!
  10. I wouldn't worry much about those pictures. That stiff leather is going to make the bag look funny. It probably is just fine in the leather that they are making most of the bags in.
  11. Pretty color! Congrats!
  12. Exactly!:smile:

    I can't wait till I recieve the Port pebbled. This is a very smoochy and relaxed leather, so the bag will look very different.

    But I wanted a leather more or less indestructable..and I got it :p
    ....and when it's relaxed a bit and gotten softer, then :yahoo:

    They lovely thing about this model, which I just recieved information from my personal bag-softener..and she loves the WTM regular..is that it can carry more and is very nice on the shoulder.
  13. Beautiful bag, Bonnie! I am so glad to see some IRL pics. I did a Taupe one with purple lining through the leather sale which is ready to ship! I can't wait to get it but will come here to drool until it gets here. :smile:
  14. Seriously!? I have a matte taupe Rock Me with purple lining in my BEC right now! I must wait until after the holidays to pay my balance and have it delivered but this is great news that you have one on the way! What hardware did you choose? Please, please post pics when it arrives as I'll be so curious to see it!! :nuts:
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    Hildie, Lovely choise..this one will smooch all the way..I did want a hardy bag...and got one for sure..my bagsoftener gave up after two weeks of constant use..now I try to carry apples and all kind of stuff, but the leather is stubborn. Guess it doesn't know me so well..!

    BUT I was also almost ordering it in the Taupe..lol..but decided for a WTM messenger and not to get a travelset in the Dark Grey and have a Rock me instead!

    I would love to see it, so pls post pics..I can still change my mind.