I recieved a Rock Me in Petrol Glossy

  1. Yesterday my Rock Me in Petrol Glossy from the limited leather sale arrived. I can also be practical, so I was thinking if the style did not suit me, I knew a girl loving blue's!

    BUT..no worries..I like this style...so now I must hide it!
    It'll be in one of the top three BEs for me!

    It's a big bag for sure..it's nice and roomy ..a bit wider on the top than the bottom..it does not weigh too much ..I really like the snap closure pocket; it's very easy to access..and I really, really like that the bag looks quiet and not too flashy!

    The Petrol Glossy is a leather made of steel :nuts: .....OMG..it's hard as rock and when one of- the -now- not- so- little pups tried to grab one handle for a little test bite, I feared the worst. But - no bitemarks at all...lol

    The leather will relax with time..lots of time.

    Two things with the bag I would like to add to suit my needs..a messenger..this option will for a person in a cyckling country be most useful..especially when this person bikes a lot!:biggrin:.

    ...And I would also like that the outer pockets went all the way down so I could have my waterbottle placed in near reach :smile:..yeah, I'm lazy!

    But alltogether a great bag!!
    P1010051-2.JPG P1010051-3.JPG P1010052-1.JPG P1010054-1.JPG
  2. Congrats Bonnie!

    I LOVE the color. Enjoy your new bag!!!!
  3. Oh, so pretty, Bonnie! The color is gorgeous and the style looks great! I love that the front pocket snaps, I didn't realize it did for some reason! Thanks for the review! Any chance of modeling pics?
  4. Thanks!

    TL..First of all I don't model at this moment..within a couple of months..yes..BUT..this weekend I will have a victim!
  5. Thank you, Bonnie! I totally understand! My dd's are finally old enough and woman sized that I can use them as my model 'victims' too!! ;) LOL!
  6. Oh! I didn't realize that the top flared wider like that. I love it! Looking forward to modeling pictures :smile:.
  7. What a superb bag - now wonder you were so immediately delighted with it. I love your clever choice of leather; the subtle colour really makes the bold styling show up.
  8. This is really gorgeous! So, is this the midi or the full size? I thought the midi had the silver accent. The petrol glossy was a smart choice--very beautiful but not overt for attention, does that make sense? Fabulous.
  9. I love it!!!

    I have wanted to see this bag IRL...and to see it in petrol glossy...YAY!! My favorite!!

    Can't wait for your modeling pics!!

    Enjoy your new bag!!
  10. Congrats and thanks for the review...
    I am off to check your third thread... girl, you've been busy like a beaver!
  11. Fabulously gorgeous!! Love your bag, congratulations!
  12. Yay! ... the first official Rock Me review! Congrats! It looks amazing in the Petrol.
  13. Wow!! WhaT A FAB combination. Love it!!
  14. YAY! Thanks Bonnie! I have been dying to hear more about this one. Congrats on such a gorgeous bag!
  15. I love it! I think it would be wonderful in a pebbled leather too.