I received two unsolicited compliments on my Fuschia Reade PM

  1. :yahoo:

    Usually no one comments on my nice bags unless I say "isn't this cute?". lol.

    Fuschia is sooooooooo beautiful, no one can resist!!
  2. WONDERFUL!!!:love:
  3. Awesome!! It always makes you feel good when you get a compliment on a new bag!!!! And it really is great looking!!
  4. I am not suprised at all ....... Because it is GORGEOUS!!!
  5. Ohhh that's nice.:love:
  6. I am not surprised either as it is adorable indeed.
  7. thats awesome :smile:
  8. I love the color too!
  9. I usually try to complement people whenever I see a real bag.
  10. whoohoo, yay! :yahoo: I am carrying mine today, I wonder if I'll get compliments? :biggrin:
  11. How cool is that! I try to compliment cute bags too if the time/place is right.
  12. I am happy for you.

  13. Me too..

    It doesn't surprise me at all you got compliments from your reade..it's gorgeous..
  14. i love the color...i'd compliment you if i saw you.
  15. It's nice to hear that you got a compliment from a total stranger! :smile: