I received my third bag in two weeks but I am in agony!

  1. I joined this forum two weeks ago and fell in love with Chanel bags. My shopping engine, once starts, will not stop. I bought a tweed bag and a red lambskin- I love them and already posted their pictures here. Then I bought the third one. I felt that something was going to go wrong and it did. I attached the pictures from the auction I bought the bag. The seller said it is in pre-loved condition with no flaws and also emailed me saying it is in pristine condition. I bite the bullet and bought it for $600. After I received it I was in for a shock. It was not the white bag she showed in the last picture. It WAS a white bag before but now it is yellowish grey due to usage. In other words, it is dirty, especially around the corners. Some parts of the bag like the portion that is under the flap is still white but all other exposed areas are yellowish grey.... I don't know what to do in this case... I bought it off eBay... Is it worth keeping? It is still a lovely bag if you stand in distance and thinking it was a grey color bag! Could someone ID the bag? It is from the 2005 collection, I believe...
    2c06_1[1].jpg 327c_1[1].jpg 3409_1[1].jpg
  2. i can't ID this bag, but if what you received is not as described in the auction, i would either ask to return the bag!
    it's an interesting bag, but i personally don't think i could be happy with something that is supposed to be white but is instead greyish from someone else's usage.
  3. just return the bag if you are not happy with it...I have never seen that kinda of bag in person
  4. uh oh... did you say its supposed to be white?
  5. Did you say you bought it at auction on eBay? I would contact the seller and complain that it is NOT pristine. Try to return it for a refund.
  6. I agree... just return the bag. :yes:
  7. return it immediately...
  8. oh darn,
    Sorry you should return it :sad:
  9. I will probably just keep it. Any return is not a pleasant experience and I am leaving early tomorrow moring for a business trip for 10 days. She used the slowest shipping methond to get it to me so if I return it to her after I come back it is going to be a month after I bought it! And I can't bring it with me to ship it so I will just keep it as a reminder how dangerous eBay is.... I think it will be my last ebay purcahse....
  10. i am so sorry! you need to contact the seller asap and get your $$ back!
  11. Unless I were reaallly attached to it, I'd definitely return. If she said pristine, you should get pristine.
  12. Any return is unpleasant! :yes: But I still think you should do it.

    I think she should notify her that you are returning it and send it out before you leave for your trip.
  13. I think you should return it if you can! $600 is a lot of money! I don't think I could be happy with it knowing it's not the color it was supposed to be. Especially since you were led to believe that it was in pristine condition!
  14. Agree with the above, I would rather have the short-term pain of a return vs. long term feeling like I spent money on something that I didn't love, it's too much $$$ that could be spent later on a purchase you really wanted.
  15. If there is a policy where you can return it, by all means do so. If the seller is representing merchandise, by not returning it, you are condoning her behavior. Besides the $600 refund you can put towards a new purse or one from a reputable seller. That's my 2 cents.