I received my second and keeper LV....

  1. I had a speedy 25 but decided that it was just not for me. I sold it along with my Porte-Tresor International wallet for a multi color Alma in black!! I had my eye on it for the longest time. Here it is with my 2 1/2 year old daughter model :yahoo:


  2. ^^ Awh, that's just too cute! Lovely bag too!
  3. Awww, your daughter is a beautiful model.

    Loving the Alma too .... the patina is gorgeous. :drool:

    Congrats and Enjoy!!
  4. Your daughter is so cute and the bag is gorgeous! Congrats!
  5. Your daughter looks TOO cute with that bag!

    Congrats on the GORGEOUS bag... it's the perfect color combo!
  6. What a cute little girl :smile: Great bag too
  7. Beautiful!! It's a timeless piece =)
  8. Adorable!!
  9. Oh, && Congrats on the gorgeous bag!
  10. Congrats on your Alma!
  11. Beautiful Girl! Beautiful Bag!
  12. Yay!! Congrats and how cute is your DD. :love:
  13. Aww.. how cute ! :yes: You're training another LV lover ! :graucho:
  14. Oh my goodness...What a picture....Too cute :smile:! Black MC Alma is fabulous! Your little one will be ready for her own LV in no time!
  15. I love your Alma. It has a great patina. Your daughter is a doll. Congrats!