I Received My Night Nikki Today

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  1. and I love it :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:. I guess the third time was a charm and NOW I can say it was worth all of the trouble. The leather is butter soft and the feel is smooth. I attached a couple of pics for you all to :drool:.

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  2. So pretty! :drool: Congrats!
  3. Lovely! Congrats!
  4. :tup:Niiiice!!!!!!
  5. That bag is gorgeous!!!!:drool:
  6. congrats! I'm so happy for you that you got one that you love!

    And the night leather looks yummy just like mine! Very SOFT with a nice shimmery sheen. TDF!
  7. Yay FL! It looks great! Rock her out with pride! :tup:
  8. lucky you!!! i got mine today but the leather is sooo peblee and rough. so she is going back! :sad:
  9. I had the problem with another one and returned it. Where did you get yours from?
  10. There are your picks...hmmm looks very similar. Gorgeous bag, just makes me drool. gosh I love this bag!
  11. Love it...congrts!
  12. where did you order it from? i'm in the market for a night nikki...i just have to wait for a couple of weeks...
  13. I bought mine from Luna Boston. The ladies are absolutely lovely. My first had a damage and there was no hassle. The second, which I had to wait about a month for, was not as nice as the first so I sent it back and again they were great. The 3rd was this one and it's fab and I love it.
  14. Love it! I really want to get a Nikki and I am falling in love with this color!
  15. fhunt, did you have to get all three from Lunaboston before finally getting a good one?? jeez... you'd think that they would make sure they would inspect that the bags were of good quality before sending them out..

    This one is very gorgeous though, looks like it was worth the wait!