i received my new plum wallet today from Europe... ACKKKSSS =(

  1. hello ladies!

    i've just received my plum wallet today from Denmark. my friend got it for me in Venice and he was told by the SA that it was the last one in the entire Europe. i don't know whether to rejoice now after having it thoroughly checked. to my dismay, there are a few scratches (not that major) on the wallet's exterior and interior, quite obvious up close (well at least to me) signs of aging / leather darkening (i was told by Aurora that lighting darkens lambskin. my friend insisted it wasn't a display piece but it could've been before and they kept it inside now?) and there is a tiny spot on the top flap's extreme corner where the leather has came off but isn't obvious.

    now i don't know what to do! :confused1: acks! i can't possibly return it since it's been bought over 2 weeks ago so the option now is if i am willing to get rid of it on eb*y and my friend just had to tell that i can send it back to him if i didn't want it b/c his friend is eyeing on mine and i was told that i am one helluva lucky bi*ch LOL. his friend went to France to find the purple wallet but to no avail. the plum color is part of my HG!! i can look over the 'defects' since it's so hard to find and rare. this wallet costs 500 euros. tell me what you think!

    PS: the style # wasn't on the box so i really don't know which year and season my wallet is from. does anyone have any idea? i remember the plum color is from 2006 but i'm not sure. kindly advise, TIA!! :smile:
  2. [​IMG]

    without flash



    with flash


    interior of the wallet
  3. VERY PRETTY!! :love:
    That purple looks like yummy grapes I love it!
    Are you able to rub the scratches off yourself? Seems a shame to let it go.. :push:
  4. Wow, what an exquisite color. I can see why you wouldn't want to let it go. I would probably keep it as it will look like that with a week or two wear anyway!:rolleyes:
  5. Gosh, that is so beautiful! I don't know what to tell you.... I'd be in the same boat you are, is there a way to ask that a % of the price be refunded to account for the damage? Will that help you with it?
    Or do you think just returning it is the only way to go?
    Let us know what you do!
  6. You can try to send it to this shop at China Square (first floor - shop name is ColourWash). The lady boss is Korean and I know for a fact that Chanel uses her too. A SA in Chanel Singapore told me. If your wallet can be saved, then you won't have to part with such a pretty wallet!
  7. it's very beautiful ladydeluxe, surely it's a keeper :heart:
  8. Wow, such a heart throb, a tiny plum. Such a little gem!! I would love to have such a little darling, flaws and all. (I would only have Chanel fix it. Been down the alternate route once and was so disappointed that I ended up taking it to Chanel, which I should have done from jump. They do miracles.)
  9. ^ jmen: unfortunately, the chanel in my country doesn't offer that sort of service. i'd try asking my SA though, but i don't think i'm gonna expect/hope for anything since i've tried that with my bags.

    i agree with Gerry. i think the wallet would probably be in the same condition a few weeks after i use it so i don't think there's a difference if it's like that now since it'll be in the same condition a few weeks later? i abuse my wallets a lot LOL hehe. then again, i am confused. i should be feeling the euphoria every time i get a new Chanel but i am not?
  10. that is a very beautiful wallet!! it looks like it would smell like grape! lol
  11. Gorgeous wallet. I would keep it.
  12. That's a gorgeous shade of plum! :woot:This wallet is a real beauty, I would keep it though will not be very happy with the defects but will eventually forget it as time goes by. Enjoy it!
  13. Don't you dare return it! Lol. It's beautiful and rare, you won't be able to find another. Also, scratches are going to appear on it sooner or later with your own use anyway.
  14. When I was just reading through it, I was thinking about reselling.....but after I have seen the picture........gosh, it's so beautiful!!
  15. Keep it if you love purple and will cherish having this rare color. Don't keep it if you are very sensitive to having a perfect flaw-free item. My purple lambskin jumbo wasn't perfect either when I got it but it was hard to get and the flaws were minor and I didn't care...I loved the color and it was going to get marks on it anyway. Lambskin is just tough to keep perfect. And this IS a wallet. It is going to be handled far more than a purse and is going to get mucked up anyway very soon. I do think caviar is better for a wallet because they need to be able to handle wear and contact with dirty money and natural oils from your hands, but this color is rare and beautiful.