I received my Modern Chain flap, BUT.....NEED YOUR HELP!!!

  1. So, yesterday I finally received my Modern Chain flap bag in white!! It's my FIRST Chanel purse and I was ecstatic coz it is everything I expected -- just so cute, beautiful, fresh, and classic at the same time! I can't wait to take this baby out with me! :wlae::wlae:

    BUT... There is something strange about the leather and it is kinda obvious if you look at the bag at a normal distance. :wtf: I went to the Chanel boutique and inquired about it, the SA told me it's normal but I could exchange one if I don't like the leather that way. Since I ordered from Saks in California, I will go to my local Saks tomorrow and see what they can do. But I doubt if there would be another white one available for me to exchange, at least the California Saks SA told me it's very popular and this was the last one from all Saks (I kinda doubt that! Why do they always say that? I've already made my purchase! Jeez...)

    I have attached some close-up pictures of the leather variation. Bascially in the center of the flap and in the center of the bag beneath the flap (where the bottom snap closure is), the leather is smoother looking than the other parts. You don't see the grains of these leather. However, this smooth "line" is placed right in the center of the bag, do you think it could be intentionally done? Maybe the crafter is aware of this variation and so he placed this smooth line in the center?

    Also I am not sure what's causing the smoothness? :confused1::confused1: Is it part of the leather (like it's the tummy part of a calf...sorry that sounded a little gross...)? Or is it a leather processing defect? I know leather can be sanded and pressed to show a certain effect (grained, distressed, etc...), so maybe these didn't get pressed right?

    PLEASE HELP ME!!! I'm a little disappointed with this situation!! I was expecting a perfect, flawless Chanel purse because of what I have paid for it!! Do you think this is acceptable if you were me? Should I exchange or even return it? I do love everything else about it though! :hysteric:

    So sorry that I haven't taken any good pictures of the bag itself and me wearing it yet. I am kinda frustrated by this leather issue and feeling like a punctured balloon... :shrugs::sad:

    *Sigh*...I really wanna just rip the tag off and take her out... :P

    Thanks sooooooooo much!!

    Oh, one more thing. I checked the MC TOTE in the Chanel store today. To my surprise, the leather has a totally different finish and feel (smoother) from the MC FLAP. Why is that? For those of you who do own the MC Flap, does your leather look like mine?
    DSCN8150.JPG DSCN8151.JPG DSCN8155.JPG DSCN8156.JPG MC Flap 1.jpg
  2. From what I can see, it looks like the leather isn't evenly pebbly... Is that correct? If that's the case, it'd bug me a bit. I'd want to return the bag to get one that's even. If it was on the side, it wouldn't be as noticeable, but since it's down the middle of the front of the bag, that'd bug me--but that's my 2 cents.
  3. Yeah, that's exactly the problem....Thank you!!
  4. i also see what you mean, i wouldn't worry much about the smoothness on the leather where the bottom snap is, but the smooth line one the front would bother me too, just try to see if your local Saks has a better one for exchange.
  5. Also, if Saks has no more stock, can I ask for a discount? :smash:
  6. ^ yea I have one in black, and the pic in that post is actually my bag. you know, each bag is different, and because i personally don't like those horizontal lines on the leather I picked the one with the more smooth leather.
  7. Mmmm....I doubt that Saks will give you a discount though...
  8. I definitely like your leather's texture better! I always have issues with my designer stuff. It's so unfair? Maybe god is telling me to stop buying? lol...:sweatdrop:
  9. My Saks had white MC flap as of yesterday. I don't think they are completely sold out.
  10. I didn't think so too, just those snotty SAs... Argh!
    Where is your Saks? I'd like to contact them. THanks!
  11. ^ oh no, trust me, I know chanel bags not perfect and I have had so many issues with somee of the bags I bought from them b4 and had to exchange/return! So I know how it feels, luckily my MC flap seemse fine! Good luck in your hunt!
  12. hi rachelkitty

    im not sure how mc flaps are suppose to look but i know for one that if i find something that bothers me...im going to keep thinking about it and it'll drive me insane...esp. for something you are paying up for you're definitely going to want it to be perfect! gluk with your search!
  13. My NM had a white one today if you still need one.
  14. You should definitely try to get another one. It's obviously going to bug you. It's a very cool bag, though.