I received my dameir speedy today

  1. I just got the bag that I purchased on eluxtury.com today. :heart: Here are some pic~ my bag is made in USA code says SD0096(Sep 06?) sorry DC is not home. I used my cellphone +D no color transfer prob~~~
    021407_15011.jpg 021407_15012.jpg
  2. Congrats! I have this bag (the 30) and LOVE it!! One of my favorite bags....no vachetta to worry about! :yes:
  3. congrats and enjoy it.
  4. gorgeous, congrats! I want one.
  5. congrats! love the damier speedy!!
  6. Fantastic! Congrats!!
  7. Congrats lovely bag. I agree with not having to worry about patina on leather. Only have one Damier think I will get a few more because of this.
  8. congrats and enjoy your bag. i :heart: mine!
  9. very nice :smile: thanks for sharing and enjoy using her.
  10. Congrats....it's my all-weather bag! So versatile!
  11. Congratulations.
  12. Beautiful bag! Congratulations! And what is the cute, cute red devil charm you have? I LOVE that!
  13. Congrats.
  14. Aw, its so cute. Wear it in good health girlie!
  15. Looks great. Enjoy it.