I received my Bronze Reissue & Love it! Should I get the Grey Reissue now?

  1. I just received my Dk Gold/Bronze Reissue and I love it!! :heart: It looks even better than in any pics...I'm just thinking if I should get the Grey Reissue as well? :rolleyes:

    Or should I hold out for the gorgeous Fall Colours since Grey is constantly popping up in Ebay anyway....

    I love the Grey colour too but I was told the colour is duller IRL. Is that true? :shrugs:
  2. Is the Reissue your favorite bag?
    If not, or if others are just as practical for you, I'd go w/ something in a different style. . . but that's just me, I like a little of everything.
    The grey is really pretty, but doesn't have as much ooomph as the bronze. . . but bronze is also a really tough act to follow!
  3. Ooooo! Sounds lovely! Post pics!
  4. yes yes yes!
    I love my reissue also so I think another one would be soo much fun :smile:
  5. Yorelica, which colour did you get? And which colour will you get if you do get again?

    I've never repeated me bags...I think the only Bag I'd ever repeat is my Birkin~ But the Reissues are DIVINE...yet I have my doubts...

    Thanks for your opinion!
  6. I'd go for a different style/Ligne then!
  7. I would go to the store and try on some different styles before jumping to the same style I already have.
  8. I love my gray reissue. The color is fantastic with the hardware.
  9. i really want to get a reissue as well. preferably black with silver hardware! *sigh* maybe for xmas!
  10. I have two: the 226 black with silver and 277 dark white with silver. I love them. I have seen the grey and think that's beautiful as well. What size is your gold?
  11. I like the gray a lot IF you can fit it into your wardrobe... it is soooo nice, just not for me!!
  12. Thanks for all your wonderful input guys! :flowers:

    Rose, my gold is a 226. But I doubt I'd move up to a 227.

    japskivt, sorry about your package!!! I hope you find something else you like! :shame:
    I think the grey is very nice too....but I also feel it seemed like it looks better on its own than carried!:shrugs:
  13. Hey Sammiekat, I just posted the pics on a new thread! :shame:
  14. I am a reformed double bag collector...I always had to get two colors of every style i liked but just am starting to break this habit. There are just too many styles to choose from now!! I say go for another style!!

    OMG....did I just say that!! I am so proud of myself!!

  15. Just went to check them out! She's a beauty!:love: