I Received A Very Cute Card From My SA

  1. I received a very cute card in the mail today from my SA in Banff. I bought a Copper and a Perle Limelight last month from the Banff store and Sue from the store was amazing to work with.

    I sent her a thank you card a few weeks ago and this is what she sent me today. I LVoe the card, it's super cute. Also love the Mirage Griet on it. Enjoy.
    DSC_0319a.jpg DSC_0320.jpg
  2. Very cute!!! I've never seen that before!
  3. Cute, I love it when they send cards!
  4. cute! i got one last week from banff lv too, thanking me for a purchase i made before xmas. so sweet!
  5. That's very sweet of ur SA!:heart:
  6. very cute! I received the same card from the woman who helped me over the phone after I ordered my Damier Griet.
  7. very nice card! It's so nice to get a note!!
  8. SO cute! Thats funny I just got one of those cute LV cards from an SA too it has a different scene in the front but I love those new cards they have!
  9. How cute! I'm glad some SA's realize that things like that go a long way with us!
  10. That's so cute. Nice souvenir!
  11. cute card, a good SA means a lot
  12. aw so sweet of your sa~!
  13. AWW...:heart: that very sweet:p
  14. Awww I want your SA! It's really cute!
  15. It's always great to receive fantastic service! :girlsigh: