I received a Peekaboo with different hardware... keep or return?

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  1. I ordered a medium peekaboo with all gold hardware on net-a-porter, but instead received one with black hardware on the flaps... The bag is still beautiful, of course, but I am a little disturbed that I didn't get the exact same bag in the picture, as I had expected. Peekaboos are not cheap... What are your thoughts on the black hardware on the flaps? Worth going thru the hassle of returning or NBD? Opinions are appreciated. Thanks!!


  2. Hi, Evster! It would be hard to decide for me too, but I think I'd keep it. (Maybe the model with black hardware is newer?) Have you tried contacting net-a-porter and check if they have other Peekaboos with all gold hardware?
  3. I would only keep it if you love it! It is too expensive a bag to settle.
  4. Thank you everyone! I put the bag out on a table and looked at it for two days LOL i warmed up to the black hardware and decided to keep it! I even like it better than all gold since not a lot of people seem to have the matte black hardware yet. Thanks for your kind input!!
  5. Here she is :smile:

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  6. My experience with black HW has never been good, TBH--no matter how well made the bag. It tends to chip, crack or scratches show the metallic color underneath.

    But ultimately, I think, it comes down to your preference--it's obviously not what you wanted. If you still like it the way it is I'd consider keeping it but if it doesn't look good to you I'd send it back. If you're like me it will never stop bothering you. :biggrin:
  7. It's stunning! :hbeat::cloud9: Big big congrats, Evster! :smile:
  8. It looks sooooo good
  9. This is breathtaking! I absolutely love the black hardware!
  10. She's a beauty! The black hardware is a really nice touch:yes:
  11. Black and gold is so classic, and classy!
  12. It's lovely!
  13. love the black hardware! makes it look edgy and young!
  14. That looks lovely, good choice!
  15. Oh, my goodness. Absolutely stunning!!! Is the interior black as well?