I received a damaged dior gaucho( advertised as brand new)

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  1. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    I am so sad and angry right now. It is such a bad start to the day. I am feeling sick to my stomach and (I am still recovering from a damn cold).

    I purchased a dior gaucho mini from a consignment store and I just got the package this morning before hubby had to drop me off at work. And the gaucho advertised as brand new is peeling off close to where the buckle holds the straps. One is on the actual strap itself and one is on the side.

    The purse is definately authentic and so beautiful! But it's so damaged.

    I am torn. Hubby is so pissed off because today is our anniversary and this is suppose to part of the present he'll give me. He was really happy that our local post office opens at 06:30am-8:30am for will call so that he could give it to me first thing this morning but he didnt expect to see a damaged one:wtf::wtf::wtf:.

    I just need to vent!!!!!
  2. send it back right away ...and eat the owner on the phone ! seriously what is wrong with people these days:cursing: !!! I am so sorry that happened to you...:heart:
  3. Thanks darling. How's ur lady dior coming along. Have you carried it around yet?

    I know. Why cant people check the entire purse like inside and out before they sell something and claim it as brand new.

    You know the purse smells nice, like new leather. :drool: I have no doubt in my heart it is barely used & authentic. But once I extended the strap (second last buckle) to put it to the longer length for wearing it on the shoulder, I notice one area of the strap is peeling off, like this long-------.

    I was like WTF:cursing: :cursing::cursing:and I looked at the other side near the big buckle-ish thing ( the one that holds the purse and the strap). The strap has a small white spot on it, like leather damage and there's a very small dent on that side. These things are barely noticeable but that ugly ugly peeling off on the other side :crybaby:

    I guess in the future I would only buy from the boutique or in person to verify the goods. I would take pics tonight.

    Guess I will have to go to my fav SA tonight and bring something else home :rolleyes:
  4. If you cant return it you could try to send it in to be repaired.
  5. Thanks hon for the suggestion. But I am not paying $475 for this and then pay the repairs fee and then WAIT WEEKS for it to come back to me from the repair shop. Now I totally regret not getting it from diabro.net. BRAND NEW for $430 something during the sale.

    I am hoping it's just an oversight from the seller and she would be nice enough to compensate. I am not going to be duped like that and go down without a fight :cursing:. Hubby will sent it asap either today and tomorrow and this mess really know how to pick a special day to ruin.
  6. YESS!!! thats the attitude i like it ! :boxing: she is not anyone she has a business she is running, you would expect her to be more professional than an accidental seller on eBay ! can you remind me the address of the site i`ll put her on my black list, please?:cursing:

    lady Dior...havent received it, lost by USPS apparently, filed a claim with paypal and fighting for my money back...at this stage i dont believe they will be able to track this parcel down...so i bought hermes kelly to cheer myself up lol ;)
  7. It was Jill's consignment so I am a little surprised as she has quite a good rep but I definitely would not be happy with this situation at all and promptly send it back :yes:

    I feel terrible, I found that auction for you and it was such a rare piece :sad: but that kelly will definitely make your day. Are you going to get it shipped to your mums?

  8. sorry for hijacking the thread for two seconds, jes :heart:

    no , the seller is the most fantastic person who got to know all the story about lady Dior and we agreed no stupid fedex or DHL or UPS so that they leave the bag in the bin or they mistake the blocks and the bag is in Paris so i will have it shipped directly to Denmark, special Registered Priority, the best security he says.

    I still want such Lady Dior though...
  9. I am so sorry that happened to you...
  10. He sounds like he knows the best way to get it to you and ensure it does reach you especially when your talking that sort of value :nuts:

    Still have my fingers crossed that the other one can be tracked down :s

  11. im just after confirming that i am not cancelling my claim and providing paypal with additional details ... apparently USPS is investigating it but its been a month since the parcel was supposedly delivered how are they going to find it after such a long period of time?:confused1: the kelly seller seems a reliable guy, he thanked me for informing him about my issues with Fedex and said "we have to choose a safe way, i like to sleep at night ";) so fingers crossed...
  12. If someone has signed for it and kept it I wonder if that would be a postal offence.

    Geez they definitely would have thought it was xmas opening that one.
  13. yes hun its a mail fraud and should be persecuted...i wonder if anyone will bother though...:yucky::sweatdrop:
  14. well hopefully you will soon see :cursing:
  15. :drool: Congrats

    Perhaps it is an oversight, but i don't see how a professional seller could've missed it. Let us know what you decide and keep us updated. I too, regret not purchasing the mini gaucho from diabro so i'm trying to track one down from eBay. :push: