I received a damaged bag!

  1. I ordered a Carmen bag from the Saks sale and received it yesterday. After close inspection, I realized that the bag has several scuffs and scratches all over. It may have been the floor model. I'm not quite sure what I should do. The Carmens were already on sale at Saks so I know I didn't get an additional discount for the damage. Should I call and complain, ask for an additional discount, or is it too late for that? It's not a final sale. I do like the bag, and I doubt that there are others left in this color. Or do you think I should just be happy with my purchase for the price that I paid? Help!

    I posted pictures so everyone can see the extent of the damage. There are at least three scratches inside the bag, one scratch on the flap and bottom, and two scuffs on the corner and another on the back. There's also a picture of the bag itself.
    CIMG0947.JPG CIMG0955.jpg CIMG0943.jpg CIMG0952.jpg
  2. Cant hurt to call and ask!
  3. I'd call and ask (I'm anal about things like that)
  4. Call and ask or return it especially if that's all you're going to think about when you use it.
  5. I talked to an SA thru the 24 hr online service. They said that it depends on the store's discretion whether or not they'll compensate me for the damage. That's frustrating, I would think that there would be a general policy regarding this type of situation. In any case they said they can refund me the full amount including the shipping. I don't know yet if I want to return the bag, because I called all over the country looking for it. And I'm sure it's too late for a replacement. :sad:

    I'm going to stop by the LA store when I get a chance to see if they can help me out. I really hope they can compensate me as I don't want to lose this bag! But I'm not attached enough yet and I'll give it up if I feel that they don't handle the situation as I believe they should.

    Does anyone know a good Saks SA in LA?
  6. Good luck! You should bring your bag with you and show the SA at the Saks you're going to.
  7. Good luck! I have my fingers crossed that they will give you a nice discount or something wonderful like that!
  8. As of a couple of days ago, I saw this bag in a caramel color at Saks SCP. I didn't inspect it closely for scratches, etc. Would that color be something you're interested in switching for if it's in good condition?
  9. Thanks for the support gals! I'm going to bring it in tomorrow, I can't get there today. Thanks for the lookout ocgirl, I've seen the tan colored bag and it just doesn't do it for me in this style. It looks best in the darker colors because of the gold hardware. I hope they give me at least some sort of a discount otherwise buh-bye! I'll report back after I go.
  10. Have you tried leather conditioner? That has worked for me. HTH!
  11. Hm, I didn't think of that. You think it will get rid of those really bad scuffs in the last picture? I've never used conditioner before.
  12. I don't know the stopy policy in your area, but man, you should take the bag back and ask what they can do about it. Trust me, these stores loves their customers and definitely will work with you to make you satisfied. Good luck, sweetie. :yes:
  13. Definetly call or go to Saks. When I went to pick up my MJ round hobo, I noticed it had a little pen mark (hard to see since the color of the bag is Violet) and they gave me an additional 10% off the sale price. I got mine from Bloomingdales though, but Saks should be able to do something for you.
  14. I think the leather conditioner should help. I would certainly contact the SA you purchased from and explain. The most they might do is 10%, but I'm assuming you found it on sale, so that might be the addtional kick you need!! I know the sale bags are getting pretty picked over and they have been handled over and over on the sale tables. Good Luck!
  15. That's frustrating! Sorry about that...A conditioner may help or try "lovin my bags" they repair damages like that, they have pictures on their web site, and I totally agree with Justonemore make sure you get at least a 10% discount !!

    Was this a "AS IS" sale??