i received a broken bag.....!!!!

  1. i got this bag outside of ebay. another pf-er has bought from her and she is an alva member (as confirmed my another pf-er who is also an alva member) so i beleve she is trustworthy. everything is smooth til i got the bag. and it is broken. the bag is a black chanel cerf tote... so pretty....
    but the lock in the front is broken (as far as i know, she did not mention this). i included some pics for you girls to look at.
    what should i do? i really like the bag, but i did not pay over 1 K for a broken bag....!!!!!!
    DSCN0364.JPG DSCN0365.JPG
  2. OMG! i'm sooo sorry to hear that...
    have you contacted the seller?
    if you really like the bag, why don't you ask a leather repairer if they can fix the problem for you and ask the seller to reimbursed some of your money for repair fee?
  3. Ugh that sucks. You need to complain to the seller. Hard for me to think that a Chanel would brake like that:shrugs:
  4. So sorry this happened to you. I wouldn't keep a bag that needed repair.
  5. i emailed the seller...... nicely....
    i would like to think that this is an honest mistake.
    still waiting for her answer.
  6. I would expect her to offer you a full refund.
  7. really??? i am not so good with this type of thing. what if she does not offer me a full refund? i sent her another email saying that she either pay for the repair or i want to return it.
  8. ouch...good luck.
    Dont ask for a straight refund...tell you you are very upset the bag is broken... and see what can be done!
  9. she emailed me back and told me that she shipped a perfect bag. she also said that alva members have seen the bag that it was perfect and made it sound like i made it up.....
  10. just keep being nice and be persistent and make sure she knows it's not just a buyers remorse type of thing.
    and maybe ask if she has pics of the bag right before she sent it? i know some sellers do that, just before they ship it off...in cause of things like this.
  11. i dont know.... i really want the bag and i know while some of you dont want less than perfect bags... i might just close my eyes and take this. it is repairable, i think. i just dont have one of those little screwdrivers.

  12. if you really love it and it can be fixed, then go for it girl! :yes:
    i also bought a GREAT marni bag that i love so much, and one of the wooden handles broken on the shipping... i just find another handle that'll look good on the bag and it's perfect again :P
  13. Maybe the screw fell out in the shipping?

    If you love the bag take it to Chanel. I bet they can fix that right up and at no charge.
  14. have you tried screwing it back on?
  15. yeah take it to chanel- they should fix it
    ask the seller what store they got it and see if they can provide u with a receipt for the repair