I received a bag that smelled and she will not accept a return!!

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  1. I have 100% feedback on 87 items for over 5 years. I have never received an item that smelled this way. I can't describe it, it's like a mix of smoke, old make-up, the homeless.... I don't kow it's just gross. The bag is a canvas/jacquard which absorbs smells easier (IMO).

    The seller has listed no return policy andis not being flexible at all. I noticed that she just bought this bag on eBay 2 weeks ago and unloaded it to me and I paid $120 more than her for her profit. I think this has a reason why she is not returning it.

    I asked for a full refund if returned or a partial refund if kept. She just told me if I didn't want to to resell it on eBay or Febreeze it. She has almost 100% + feedback with like 450+ items sold/bought. So we are both great ebayers. I just don't understand what's going on!!

    Let me know what I should do next!!
  2. hahahahaha your bag sells like homeless people?! lmao, that made me laugh big time.

    Sounds like just what you said.. she got it and thought the same so she sold it. I really have no advice, i just had to post, hehe
  3. Wow, that is gross (but I love the way you described the smell :throwup:), If you paid thru paypal- file a paypal complain and explain to them the same as what you have just posted it here, and see what happened. Good Luck!
  4. Some time ago, I got a 'weird smelling' bag from a seller on e-bay, it was a hard to find bag and I e-mailed her re: smells, etc., and she never answered back, so I figured I learned my lesson, never bid on something from someone who doesn't answer questions--wonder if it is the same seller I got a bag from........couldn't exactly pinpoint the smell, but you've captured it.
  5. This just happened to me! I received a bag in the mail this week that smells horrendous! Only difference is my bag is leather and smells of a combo of smoke and nasty perfume. :sick: I want to contact the seller ASAP but don't know what to say. Is it even possible to get these smells out of leather/suede??
  6. I would just try to get the smell out, for canvas/jaquard, spray it down with febreeze, another thing that works is to throw a couple of dryer sheets in with it and put it in its dustbag or a pillow case for a few days, I did this with a smokey eBay bag and it worked great!
  7. Thanks for the advice so far!!
  8. Also try moth balls.

    Get a few balls (just a few and NOT the moth ball blocks) and close up the bag in plastic or a pillow case with the balls in. The moth ball effect tends to consume the bad smell.

    Then, air the bag out so it does not smell like moth balls.

    It worked for me. I received a bag in immaculate condition (huge vintage Gucci zipper tote in Black!!!). It was great except that it smelled like smoke. A LOT of smoke.
    I let her know. She apologized. I def was not going to send the bag back though.

    I moth balled it and it worked wonders.

    But the way...if you all keep your bags in their dust bags on a shelf, or any relatively confined area, consider sprinkling the area with moth balls occasionally.

    My bags are on the shelf in my walk-in, but the dust bags are right next to each other. The bags range from canvas to leather. I keep throwing moth balls up there just to keep any "closet" smells from setting in.

    It also just keeps my clothing fresh. And because it's only a few balls, and the closet gets opened and closed with use, therefore aired out, the moth ball smell doesn't build up.

    Try it! It works.
  9. I say file a dispute via paypal. I don't know how successful it would be, but it's an option if you don't want to treat the bag.

    I, as with those above, recently received a bag that smelled. Weeks later I'm still trying to get the intense perfume smell out, utilizing methods recommended here at tpf. So far the scent has decreased in strength but is not fully gone. The seller never responded to my messages following receipt either. :confused1: It's a hard to find bag and otherwise in perfect condition so I decided to attempt to deodorize it myself.

    Good luck what ever you decide to do! =)
  10. I'm sorry about your bag. The only thing I can think of is to air it out outside (if possible). Febreeze is great on fabrics.
  11. Go to a hardware store (like Ace Hardware) and get what is called an Odor Absorber. Usually used to get mildew smells out of furniture. Put it in your bag for a few days....tied it all up in a bag.
  12. I would file a significantly not as described claim with Paypal, being an avid seller on Ebay, I would never ever sell something that smelled without mentioning it. Sure, smokers don't really know their stuff smells bad cause they are used to it... but they need to mention it.

    You deserve at least a partial refund, to compensate you for the time, money and effort you will have to go through to get the smell out.
  13. I know some people who have used those air ionizer things -- they put the bag upside down on them (if that makes any sense). But fresh air is a great thing as well, if you can leave it outside.
  14. I will write her one time saying I should be given a partial refunded to compensate you for the time, money and effort you will have to go through to get the smell out. That's her last warning before the paypal complaint!!

    THANKS again everyone!!
  15. NEG HER> Tell her that is what you have to do now. Don't worry about her negging you back, because you can comment about that below. I am sure if you just nag the hell out of her, she will give in. Don't give up. You don't deserve a smelly bag. Did you ask up front if the bag had any odors whatsoever?