i RECEIVED a 25 $ off gift card for Saks.

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  1. Did any1 else?

    It's for if you spend 100 or more....

    what to buy,what to buy!

  2. nope, i haven't received it yet. Hopefully, i'll get it soon
  3. Lucky you! I'd like to get one but then that would mean I'd have to go shopping. Gotta watch my budget. :Push:

    Do you have to have a Saks CC to receive the GC?
  4. Is it the one with lipstick kisses all over it? Because I got one that was just a $25 gift card. I didn't need to spend $100. My SA says there is going to be a special this coming week too.
  5. I used it for the beauty bag gift with purchase because I needed some things anyway. I got the set - its cute and I love, love, love samples.
  6. who are they for? are they for saksfirst members
  7. really? so u dont have to spend 100 to get 25 off? whats the speicial? :nuts:

    yes, u have 2 have the Saks card to get it and use it.
  8. okay i have no idea where i got the "spend 100 and get 25 off" but i just read the back of the card and its just a 25 gift card!

    does any1 know if Saks do double discounts? like this card + the "shopjuly" 10% off code online?
  9. i got one not long ago right after i applied for a Saks card. i had nothing to buy so i sold it on ebay.
  10. I'm not too sure but I think you can use both, the GC and promo code. If you want to find out asap, you can chat with a rep now.
  11. I was confused becaues the card said $25 off $100 but then it turned out to be a $25 gift card.
  12. okay i used mine today!!! i got some armani foundation and a foundation brush. :heart: 25 bucks off was good!

    ....although i kinda wanted taht cute juicy wallet instead...hehehe