I rebought the Jumbo today! Side by side pix of new and old Jumbo with diff CC clasp!

  1. Okay so I told you about how I saw that now Neimans and Saks only have the "newer" Jumbos. The gold hw has the 3 dashes on the CC and the CC is thinner and wider FROM TOP TO BOTTOM so it's actually easier to read the CC. Here are pictures of my new Jumbo and one side by side pic of the different CC's of the Jumbo I had bought and returned (don't know why hehe) about a month ago.

    Side by side photo of the two CC's. First one is my new one bought today. Second one is the older one. I don't see much of a difference in the caviar shine but I did see one at the store today that was with the Silver hw and the caviar was soooooo dull. I thought it looked awful!

    Who knows what's going on with these bags!!! :cursing:


    Sorry it's a bit blurred but you can see the 3 dashes.








  2. Oh it's beautiful (both new and old)!!! Congrats on your new Jumbo!!
  3. Hmmm... they look very similar to me..dun get what you mean by the 3 dashes??...
  4. I can't see the pics:confused1:
  5. There is a lot more space now between the CC from top to bottom. In the middle you see more leather....I don't know how else to explain. But yeah the 3 dashes is the stamping on the new one. Instead of the little square. ;)
  6. Thanks for posting these comparison pics! I can see the difference in the CC's. The new closure is definitely thinner, so each C is more defined. Your bag looks great; it doesn't look too matte. I don't know what Chanel is up to with all of these changes on a classic bag. :confused1:

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  7. Here is a better explanation :smile:

  8. ahh now I see, I also didn't know what you were talking about the dashes and how its thinner, but now I see, it just takes time for me to understand, I'm kinda slow sometimes:smile:
  9. Congrats on your new jumbo!! ;) And thanks for sharing your pics of the new CC closure...
  10. Oh...now i see what you mean, thanks so much for the detailed illustration.

    New or old, I think they are both equally gorgeous, enjoy!
  11. Wow.......I see the diff now!! Congrats on your new bag!!!
  12. thank you so much for clarifying! you're so sweet!
  13. Congrats! Great explanation, enjoy!
  14. the close ups of the two clasps are really helpful, thanks so much, oh and I love your bag!!!

  15. LOL ..... this is too cute!!! Like a little spec sheet on the CC lock. I see what your saying .... your right the new one is alot nicer. Congrats!