I really want...

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  1. That little London Double Decker Bus that hangs off some of the Chloe bags in the magazine ad! It would look so cute hanging off my Paddy.:love:

    Anyone know anything about them?
  2. Oooh, that does sound cute. I wonder where they're available? It would look cute hanging off my paddy, too :nuts:
  3. Hi!
    I konow they sell skulls at Chloe that you can hang on your Paddy..maybe they sell the buses too
  4. They're an exclusive over here... I don't know if they sell them anywhere else.
  5. I just called Chloe here and it's 190 euros for it. They have 2 left.
  6. Thank you so much, Perja. May just look into that tomorrow.:smile:
  7. :biggrin:Under $5 in London, got one
  8. Ooh, these have got me intriqued! Anyone have a pic??

    Kitskats, lol! Great buying!
  9. Pics please, my mind is going nuts trying to visualize this.
  10. Not the Chloe ones :biggrin:
  11. I went by at Chloe today:
    There are two versions of this particular keyfob with the London bus.

    The first one is a leather twist and features a small leather tab embossed with Chloe.

    The second one, which is apparently limited edition, features a metal Chloe ornament.
  12. That helps - thanks!:biggrin:
    I like the bag charm with the individual dangling Chloe letters:love:
  13. it's adorable! but $400 for a bag fob? I'd rather put the $$ towards a new bag.