I really want to try a bigger bag....help me!

  1. I've always been a small bag gal. I'm pretty averaged sized. 5'6", 130 lbs.

    Here's the style of Coach purses I have and use:

    Legacy Leather Flap (10324) (my current fave, it's in whiskey)
    Soho Small Flap (in sig and black leather)
    A few swing packs
    Hamptons weekend spring 2006 patchwork tote (small)
    Dot Demi

    I also have the Legacy Leather Shoulder Bag in pond (10328) but it's just sitting in my closet in it's dust bag. I've NEVER used it. I feel it's too big for me but I know it's because I'm not used to it.

    I don't carry a ton of things but I will say, my Legacy Leather Flap is FULL and things have to be put in just so or they won't fit.

    I really want to carry a bigger bag! LOL, you're probably thinking the Shoulder Bag is small. :p

    Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of the Carly and would love a medium but again, I think it's too big for me.

    How do you get used to carrying bigger bags?? Do you just do it and get used to it??

    Talk me into it so I can ask DH for a medium Carly for Christmas. :woohoo:
  2. Yes, you get used to it! I think a medium Carly would be great because it wouldn't be too big even though it'd feel like it to you at first. Also, I'd get that pond bag out and use it! Get used to carrying it around too! Just don't get used to stuffing more in your bigger bags than you need or you'll have to go even bigger! LOL!
  3. You have a pond shoulder bag and you DON'T use it:wtf:

    Break that bag out and carry it around. You will get used to it, it's not that big! And I find my Legacy Shoulder bags to be really comfy. The medium Carly is also nice because once you get your stuff in there the slouch makes it even more comfy!

    Please use you Pond Shoulder bag, I love that bag:love:
  4. You're current collection appears to be small to medium . . . 15"+ wide is going towards large. I don't think medium Carly would be too big. is it larger than your torso?
  5. i posted some pics of what is in my medium carly last night in the in your bag thread. it isnt that big at all. great size and i m 4"7!
  6. I'm with you. I like the look and feel of the smaller bags, but I also have gotten to the point that I need more space. I think going up to a medium sized bag will be a nice transition. My two fave medium bags right now are my choc sig medium soho flap and my black legacy slim flap. Both of these hold a lot more but still don't have that monster big bag feel.
  7. I think you need that carly! :yes: It will be an especially good one to go to for you because of the way it slouches it is not big... and yes, rip out that pond shoulder bag, or send it to a girl in need (have I told you I am VERY needy!?!?0 :roflmfao:
  8. i absolutely LOVE big bags. i would suggest the legacy thompson. gorgeous leather
  9. I love big bags, bigger the better, as long as your frame can handle it!

    I think just get a big bag, and find usefull things to fill it up with! hahaha Thats what I do when I get a big bag, I just bring more things ;P

    I still need a good bag to carry my laptop in so guess what! Im going bigger!
  10. I just got the large leather bleecker duffle. It is a big bag..but I am a also a big fan of the big bags!

    I think it takes some time to get used to ...but I think if you like to carry around a lot of stuff that you will find it really convenient! I think you should give it a try at least!! It's always nice to have one big bag for weekend trips and stuff :smile:
  11. I think I'll ask for the medium Carly for Christmas. DH keeps asking me what I want and I can't really think of a thing. I know I'll need a bigger bag for our upcoming cruise (when we're in ports) so maybe I'll get used to it. No way can the purse I carry now handle all our passports and travel stuff.

    And don't talk me into the regular Carly. NO way could I pull that off. :nogood: