I really want to know what you all think...

  1. Spring has arrived (even though it sure doesn't feel like it) and summer is right around the corner. Are there any LV bags you think that should be strictly used for s/s or even f/w? i.e. Certain lines, styles, etc?

    I know a girl who pulls out her Guccis for s/s and only uses her LVs for f/w. I think it's only because all her LVs are mono and feels they look best during the cold season. I dunno:confused1: . What do you all think?
  2. my LV's are all mono and i use them year round.
  3. LV, year-round, for me!
  4. I always use LV ;) For rainy day, I'll carry Epi etc.
  5. some would say that MC should be for summer. but i think any LV can be used at any time...it all depends on how you coordinate with it :smile:
  6. damier azur.
  7. While I think all lines can be used year-round, I'd say:
    -damier azur
    -Ivoire Epi
    -dune Mini Lin

    are all more "summery".
  8. Azur
    Mini lin dune
    MC white
    Fuschia denim

    I suppose they seem more summery because they are lighter colours ~ i dont really think it matters though! xx
  9. i use all my bag, regardless of brand or season, all year round
  10. I use my LV all yr round- all styles too!
  11. totally agree although I don't use bags with vachetta on rainy days

    oh and I only use my CB pap in spring/summer
  12. I would use monogram all year round.
  13. I think maybe like, Mini Lin in Dune is a great summer bag but in the winter... well, in depends where you live but if it's raining or worse :wtf: Also, antigua in light colours and Azur. But if you live in a warm climate, you could use anything you want.
  14. ditto on this for me as well
  15. I used to be a very 'rulesy' kind of girl. There are certain bags that I think are very fall wintry, a dark brown trim gucci jackie o, that is just not a warm weather bag, it's got the dark leather and the red/green webbing which are dark too, so if I were to wear the gucci in the summer/spring it would be the lighter leather guccis like apricot and white/pink. Now back to LV, I would wear it all year round. I was thinking I wasn't going to wear the damier ebene in the spring/summer, but the truth is that bag would look hot w/ a white top and jean skirt. It is such a nice contrast to a white shirt that it's just so perfect for it. Also the vachetta on regular mono bags makes them look ideal for spring/summer, when it's light especially and even a honey color is very pretty for warmer weather.

    In my opinion LV bags that look especially summery are the brightly and pastel colored vernis, azur, all epi except brown/black/mocha/fawn, mono w/ new and light honey vachetta, and min lin in ivorie, also LE bags since they are so playful looking, oh and denim line and mc, of course, lol!

    So in short even though the min lin ebene and damier ebene are so dark, they would look ultra hip coupled w/ a really light summery outfit, a monochromatic beige/white/creme, the contrast would be tdf!