I really want to get these sunglasses! How you feel?

  1. I have always wanted to get a pair of Chanel sunglasses, and I am very interested in getting one with white frame. I am also in love with the 60s mod style. I feel that the 60s style fit me really well. I tried these pair last week and kinda liked them, very comfortable to wear too. But my SA thought it is a bit too "seasonal" and trendy that after a couple of seasons I won't wear them....but I think fashion comes and goes and comes again, esp. things like sunglasses...anyway, I really want to get them...what do you think?
  2. Personally, I don't look good in round mod style glasses, nor white frames.

    But the sunglasses are for YOU. If you look good in white sunnies and the frames fit YOUR face, then go for it!!!

    Wow your SA is really honest. Most SA's would just butter you up so they can get their commission!
  3. Oh yes, my SA is very very honest. That's why I think she's the best!
  4. actually I am sure I love white frame and the shape of this frame fit my face perfectly, the only thing I am not sure is I don't know if the black trim makes it a bit too bold??
  5. I don't totally hate the white frame, but I happen to agree that they are rather seasonal and trendy.

    I actually do own a pair of sunglasses with white frams that I bought this year, but I got them at Nordstrom Rack and so even though they were designer, they weren't very expensive: maybe $50-ish?

    So long as you plan to use them for quite awhile, I'd get them. Afterall, you have to wear them. I do think they are bold, but it would work on some people.
  6. they are not for me b/c i could never pull them off!! but if i could, i would definetly get them. maybe get a pair that are more subtle?
  7. I think there super cute!