I really want this LV watch!!!!

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  1. I went to LV yesterday and saw this watch and fell in love. I've been saving for a watch but was thinking before that I should get the J12 Chanel watch but saw this LV watch. I can't decide, what do you guys think. Please help!!!

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  2. That is nice a watch, but I am not too fond of the big knobs on the side. I like my watches to be girly (diamonds are always a plus!)...as if they're pretty pieces of jewelry! :lol:
  3. I loooove the strap! :drool: I also want the Special Edition Tambour Perle :drool:
  4. I like it.:yes:
  5. Love it!!! I'm saving money for J12 too... but this watch is as beautiful.
    Sorry I cant be of much help. I would be confuse too if I were you.. erkekekke.
  6. Its gorgeous!! :biggrin:
    But I'd choose the J12
  7. I like it.
  8. this is my kinda sporty watch, i like it.