I really want this keyring..what you guys think?

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  1. I think all LV keyrings are too expensive for just a keyring but that's just because I would rather put the money toward a bag instead. :P If you like it, go for it! :yes: It's really cute! :tup:
  2. Thats why im on the fence on this one...i was thinking about putting it towards something else...something small like a cles or a checkbook cover or something of the sort.
  3. I'm all for accessories..even if their pricy. If I like it I would want it and have no regrets. So,if you really like it..then go for it. But if it's just a phase of 'oohh I want that it's so cute' at the first glance,then dont rush into it.
  4. I'm personally not particualrly interested in that one, but their acc. are very wel made, solid and nice. I love my pastilles.
  5. I really like it and have had my eye on it for a while too. I love that it has both the sliding ring and the d-ring, so it can double as a key ring or bag charm.
  6. That's how I feel too. I throw my keys around so that's another reason I should not spend a lot of money on one!!!
  7. I love their key rings but I just don't know if I could keep it in good enough condition. I've been thinking of getting one to hang from my bag. There's other stuff I want first... I like it!
  8. If you love it you should get it. I fell for the Astropill the moment I saw it and knew I would never want another. I have seen others I like (including yours) but not enough to buy. My heart belongs to my Astropill and if it were a LE that I didn't get I would have regretted it. Get it before it's gone!
  9. I love it myself and had a difficult time deciding on that one or the longer version. I opted for the longer version because the price difference was nominal. It is very expensive BUT you will get much joy through the years so if you love it then I say splurge. Accessories really punch everything up a notch! BAM! (cooking humor)
  10. I ended up returning my keyring because to me, it was not worth the cost. A cles is cheaper and much more useful.
  11. i would pass and use the money towards a bag
  12. I've been thinking about those keyrings too.. would it be possible to put keyring around the handholl? I mean if they are really really thin..

    I talked mulberry SA one day about the ideas where else to put keyrings but she thought that it would injure the material when you try to put it there.
  13. One day, I was xmas shopping with my dad and he purchased my Azur Speedy. My first luxurious handbag from my pops, who is usually a penny pinching guy. My dad was feeling pretty pimpin that day and asked the SA to add a key ring too.

    I looked at my dad (Mr. Penny Pincher), and said "Dad, I love you and the gesture but... do you know how much that thing cost?"

    He said "What $20? Possibly $50?"

    "Its about $300 or more." I said

    "No way!!!" said my dad and waved down the SA. "How much is that little trinklet?"

    "$375, sir."

    My dad looks at me apologetically and says, "Joy, how about we get that when it goes on sale." And I just agree with him. LOL.

    I love my dad.