I really want this Gucci messenger, anyone know where I can get it? (Link inside)

  1. anyone?
  2. It's not on the Gucci site because it's a bag from the 80s.

    Your options would be to keep watching Ebay or other online sites that sell vintage bags or check out some consignment shops.

    But probably a long shot either way.
  3. no the seller told me it was in the lineup a few months ago, it was basically a bag they remodelled after a vintage bag from the eighties, he/she even sent me a screenshot from when the bag was on the site from a month or two ago, but it just dissappeared, but all the other bags that came out at the same time as it are still on the site now. :shrugs:
  4. You should have been clearer in your initial request, then.

    You posted a link to a vintage bag and asked where you could get it. So I answered the question you asked.

    If it is a current bag as you state...just call Gucci and ask them. They can tell you if it is still available and where you can get it.
  5. I bought a Gucci Messenger from the Gucci store at Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Gucci said that most stores that are overseas are the ones who carry the older lines.

    So either you can find one overseas...or eBay.
  6. its not a vintage bag though, that is the ACTUAL redesigned version of the vintage bag in the auction, it came in two version the large flap which is the one pictured on the manican in the auction and the medium siz which si the one pitured, well not on the manican.
  7. Call Gucci if it's a recent bag. They can look up the US stores and check for one.
  8. what do i tell them? do I descrbe the look of the bag? or what?
  9. yeah do your best to describe it and hopefully you'll get a good SA that will be patient with you and help you find it. good luck
  10. I went downtown, it's last season she told me they just sold the last one :crybaby: I ALWAYS MISS OUT!