I really want this Bbag !

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  1. Hi girls,
    I'm one of the biggest bbag fan I have almost all the colors and some of the floral ones!
    My wishlist is to have the vintage Balenciaga canvas!
    anyone knows where to find them online? or if anyone wants to sell thier canvas bbag !
    I'm looking for the Rasta bbag and the floral one(attached)

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  2. Hi Mia33 and welcome! Please note in the PF rules members are not allowed to buy and sell here.

    This and the rasta bag are older and your best bet is to search on online auction sites ( ebay and Bonanzle, for example) or consignment stores.

    Good luck! :flowers:
  3. Mia33,
    I just saw exactly the same pic of this floral on the French ebay!
    Good luck!
  4. Good luck finding them! I think the canvas ones tend to be cheaper than the leather ones on ebay, so I hope you find one you love!
  5. Yup, saw that too on the French Ebay today!
    Looks pretty..good luck bidding!
  6. Thanks girls, but I haven't tried ebay before !
    Do you any other helpful sites either real deal for used bbag?
  7. Good luck finding that S/S 2006 Rouille leather & floral canvas as well as the F/W '05 Rasta linen bags you are looking for. I love Balenciaga's fabric bags too!
  8. I think there's a floral hobo on evilbay right now.