I really want this bag, Please help me...

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  1. Oh. i have that exact bag. it is called the Portobello bag. I think they are all sold out in stores, you can check resellers. Or there is a newer fall version of the bag. Do a search on Portobello. GL. I have 2 of them and wouldnt mind a 3rd. Great bag!
  2. thanks sjunky13.
    the new one, u mean the Soho collection?

    Isnt the zip top easier to use?
    2 questions are... Is it heavy? Does the chains stay on shoulder, and not falling?
  3. I have this too, but in brown.

    Personally, i don't find this heavy and have no problem with the chain straps falling off.
  4. thanks cc chic...
    do u love your Portobello? Is it from 09, zip top, Black and brown colors? the one that about 14"+12"
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  6. ^Yes, this is the one I have.

    It's a roomy bag and since I don't carry alot of things with me daily, I do not use this bag as much.

    I do, hope that the '09 hand carried strap is like the '08, where the straps can be "folded" down though.
  7. Hi. I have the one in the first post. I agree with finding one with the handles that can fold down. I have another portobelo which the handles dont fall down and to be honest. I have never worn it because of this reason. It sticks up and bugs me. lol. Good luck on finding one. They are great bags.
  8. thank u ccchick13 and sjunky13:hugs:
    now i know why i want the one from 08
  9. i wish i wanted this bag before
  10. You can stalk ebay, then post in the authenicate forum to make sure it is real. They do come up sometimes. Also I would check the trusted resellers that are listed up above in this shopping section. There are so many. I am sure with some work, you can find it!!:smile:
  11. thank u so much sjunky13:smile:
    yes i did check ebay and a few reseller
    they dont have this one...

    maybe i will have to keep checking... fingercross