I really want an ink bag - what should I do?

  1. Aloha Rag only has the box in ink, but I think I really want a Twiggy....should I get the box and try it out or wait for something to come up on ebay or look for one when I can access the marketplace? I don't know what to do...........

  2. Not sure where you are but I was in Barneys in Copley Place in Boston and they had a few, one of which was the weekender, I think.
  3. I live in NJ and work in NYC.
  4. hey ya
    i think if you have your heart set on a twiggy - you should wait for a twiggy! :smile:
  5. Call Barneys or Neimans and see if an SA can locate one for you. There is probably an ink Twiggy out there somewhere just waiting for a good home. By the way, at Neimans they don't call the color ink--they refer to it as navy or indigo (I think it's navy but not positive).
  6. If you work in NYC, call up Balenciaga 212 206 0872. Joseph is very helpful there. Also, if you choose to ship it out of state, you'll save on sales tax :smile:
  7. Definitely get the Twiggy. I wanted to get a magenta and the only one available was a box, and let me just say that it didn't satisfy the craving for that fabulous color as the twiggy would have.

    The box works for some people, it definitely didn't work for me. Good luck!
  8. If you really want a Twiggy, then you should definitely wait for it! Seriously, you'll love it even more after the anticipation!
  9. if u r not in love with the box style..i rather u wait for the twiggy..
    so that u wont regret it later..
    have the ink twiggy and love it.

  10. Call Claire at Barneys at Copley Place and she can search their inventory nationally. She is very sweet and helpful. The main number is 617/385-3300.
  11. Check neiman marcus at Short Hills...
  12. Thanks so much everyone! I will hold out for the Twiggy!!!!!
  13. wait for the twiggy.. never settle :smile:
  14. Wait for the twiggy. You will be happy you did!
  15. There was an ink twiggy on ebay, I think the seller was Maerim. I think the BIN price was $999 and I have heard she is a legit seller. You might check it out.