I really want a vernis item; please help! <long>

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  1. I had my very first trip EVER to the LV boutique (Seattle) last weekend. It was fun! I spent a long time talking to Louise (accessory manager) and looked at several items. He said that he would refuse to sell me a bag that I did not really love. I went back and fourth between the damier pap 30, framboise brentwood, the new red brentwood, and the new red Roxbury.

    I ruled out the damier pap (only because I own other damier items) even though I loved the shape. I adored the roxbury, but since I live in a very unfashionable, conservative town I felt this bag would just stand out (and not in a good way). So I was between the framboise and the new red Brentwoods.

    Louise was wonderful but he was a bit pushy on the red when I actually thought the Framboise would go better with my wardrobe. Besides, I already own a red balenciaga. I tried to look at the vernis wallets, but he discouraged me, saying that they do not hold up well.

    So, after this long winded story, I left the store empty handed! I do still long for a vernis piece. Any suggestions for a vernis newbie? I would love a Brentwood but the thought of spending almost $1400 on a bag I am not sure I would love makes me nervous. :sweatdrop:
  2. I have the same dilemma right now. My vernis billfold wallet has been used for 2 years and still looks good, so it's a good idea IMHO if you want to get a small accessory first. I'm also thinking about the Brentwood but I have to see it IRL. Sorry, not much help...
  3. I went into the store thinking that I would prefer the Houston (after reading board discussion), but much preferred the look of the Brentwood on me. It is really stunning IRL.
  4. If you want a more conservative bag, I'd say get the vernis pomme d'amour Roxbury simply because framboise is very bright, kinda girly, and not sophisticated, and also because brentwood would catch more attention due to its bulky size. The Roxbury is very classy chic! As for maintenance, don't worry about Vernis items! They're very strong and scratch-resistent!
  5. If you're feeling the pink, then that's the one you should get!
  6. It's not true that the vernis wallet and agendas don't hold up well. My framboise agenda is used daily in my bags and it still looks new. I wanted a vernis bag, too lat year but it didn't match with my style so I didn't buy it. If you want to be on the safe side buy an accessory like the new flat pouch or a nice wallet.
  7. Another PFer--don't remember who--just bought a Pomme d'Amour Roxbury and she posted some pics and it is absolutely gorgeous!! I think that is what you should get--plus you can use it as a handheld or shoulder bag. :yes:
  8. I think it was Arnott that just got a Pomme Roxbury. Check the Visual Aid thread, you should be able to find some pictures.

    I had a dilemma few days ago to choose between Pomme Roxbury and Pomme Brentwood, but TPFers convinced me to get the Roxbury. I'm still waiting for mine to come. :wlae: You should get one too! It is a stunning bag. :heart: :yes:
  9. I just checked the Visual Aids thread. It was icechick, not arnott, that just got a Pomme Roxbury.
  10. Arnott did get a roxbury, search in general thread :smile:, if you just want something small to try out the color and the material, why not get a cles or agenda? Cles and Agenda is a great investment to any LV line IMO, it's very useful for it's price, also sells great on eBay should you decide to part w/it down the road. What about Brentwood in Perle? the light shade might hide scratch marks better than the dark shade pomme/framboise, also not as flashy?
  11. The Roxbury is TDF
  12. Ooh, starting to rethink the Roxbury. It did look smashing in the new red. Thanks guys!!!