I really want a purse now!

  1. Now I got my heart on purse, really want one. I called aloha rag, they only have the greige (gray beige), red (rouge vif??), marron (dark brown) and emeraude (dark green). I am going to call BalNY to check. Just can't find one on eBay.

    I just can't stop splurging
  2. Have you tried Barneys? ;) What color are you looking for?
  3. i just spoke to balNy and they only have a few colors in the Purse, at least that's what my SA said.
    i am dying to find a black one!!!
    good luck
  4. I am thinking about getting the rouge vif one, but not sure if it's going to be too bright. I guess I need to call Barney's.
  5. that is such a pretty color!!! i want it! and i am thinking that i should just wait until i find a black one, but i sure wouldn't mind having that one..that's for sure!:graucho:
  6. wow- all these purse fans now! I like it!!!!!
  7. i have been secretly coveting a purse lately as well. i love that there's no shoulder strap and it's like a true 'purse' and it can be on the shoulder. i'm bummed it's being discontinued...but i figure i can get one on eBay at some point !! i think the greige in the purse would be fabulous! :shame:
  8. Yes, I spoke to them as well, they only have white and couple of green kind of color for purse.
  9. Hi, this is my first little talk in this forum. I come up here for BALENCIAGA, just for it. Yep! I got my ROUGE VIF Purse from the same lady as Deana bought her twiggy from. The purse is GREAT. At the beginning, I was looking for a city, but because of being so much in love with ROUGE VIP,I ended up with the purse. This Ebay seller is the BEST among the best, totally reliable.