I really want a Classic bag - which one should I get?

  1. I have posted a question in the General Bags/Purse thread stating that I will be making my last purchase for a while at the end of the year and want to get a Classic.

    I have other choices (like Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta) but I know which ones I like in those - my hardest choice is, if I go for LV - which one to get.

    As stated, I really want to spend money on a Classic Bag and prefer the Classic Monogram. I already have a Speedy 30, Vavin PM and Ellipse PM so what do you suggest now?

    Photos would help too thanks!
  2. What is the price range you are planning on spending?

    Maybe that could help some of us narrow it down for you. :smile:
  3. my suggestions: the alma, papillon, manhattan, lockit, bucket or batignolles.
  4. i'll go for the batignolles horizontal.
  5. here are the photos:









  6. cabas mezzo:

  7. another classic, sac plat:


    and noé:

  8. lockit h is nice and holds the world, only isuse is the leather bottom. BN is about the same size and holds a ton as well,very light and easy to carry. Popincourt haut if you want something smaller. Very nice and classy, adjustable shoulder straps make it nice :smile:

    As for hand held, an ellipse will hold the same as a speedy 25, the unique shape is nice and not often seem. Popincourt if you're looking for something a little smaller and cute, it too will hold about the same as the speedy 25 if arranged right. Papillion 30 is nice and you get the cute baby one too :smile:
  9. Thanks for your help girls.

    LV Diva it doesn't really matter too much about the money.
  10. Your bags are all "hand bags". Maybe you will go for a shoulder bag, or not? The petit Noe is nice and very practical!:yes:
  11. I know you said you prefer monogram, but since your asking for classic bag recs and already have monogram bags -- I would consider expanding your scope to think about something in epi or damier.

    I do agree with the previous Alma suggestion -- or perhaps the bucket or Noe since those are all LV iconic shapes.

    Have fun deciding!!
  12. Papillon 30!
  13. batignolles horizontal
  14. although i do love LV, i'd say go for the BBag........ you have enough mono bags already, you might as well get something a little more understated for a classic........... good luck deciding, sorry LV
  15. noe! noe! NOE!

    i mean um u should get the noe :smile: like totatlly if u want to u know