I really want a Chanel!

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  1. Hey, I am new the TPF and I am happy to have found this place!

    I am in need of some advise as to where to score a cute Chanel bag on a budget. Any advice? I'm afraid of Ebay and uncertain about most of the consignment places I have come across.

    Thanks! =)
  2. Hi! Welcome to tPF! You'll find a lot of useful info in our CHANEL SHOPPING Forum :tup:
  3. save save save
  4. ^^^^ Agree just save save save. It is really hard to find a good deal on a classic style chanel. They really hold their value.
  5. I agree with the above post. Poke around in the Chanel sub-forum.
  6. Yeah, I'm thinking I might just save. It would be worth it to me to have something that nice and valuable to me. My boyfriend supports the fact that I need a Chanel bag too! Too bad he can't afford to buy me one! Thanks for your suggestions :smile:

  7. Great that the boyfriend supports you. It took a long to for Dh to support my bag habit. Welcome to TPF.
  8. If you want a brand new one, then save. If you want a pre-owned bag, but still in lovely condition, I would recommend Let -Trade. Their bags are very nice and they have wonderful deals so you won't have to save quite as much!
    Personally, I like preowned bags because I don't have to agonize over keeping them in brand new condition. And the quality is better in some of the older ones.
  9. hiii.. i'm new too...

    same like you fashion_mom1... my DH also don't like if i buy a bag.. hihihhi
  10. If you want it, then take it or you will regret.
  11. ebay would be a great place to find preowned chanels. if you're worried about the authenticity, you can post it in the chanel forum and tpfers will help you authenticate the chanel. :smile: