I really want a black weekender but . . . rop

  1. Has anyone spotted one with gorgeous distressing? I don't want a smooth looking Balenciaga -- the more beat up, the better. I have the black work in the most AMAZING distressing pattern ever, but I need a bigger bag (yes, bigger! Have toddler....must travel!) so it's going back!

    thanks ladies!!
  2. I'll keep my eyes open, mammab. I LOVE distressing, too. I just got a beautiful black city from BNY....it's so distressed and broken in looking. It looks like it was used for years. The leather is just gorgeous. Joseph picked it out....have you tried them?
  3. I agree, try BalNy. I got an Ink Weekender from them 2-3 weeks ago and I absolutely :heart: it. Kim was the SA I dealt with, she was so helpful, I ordered over the phone and she picked out the perfect bag!
    Have you had a Weekender before? If not, prepare to fall in love!!:love:
  4. I agree with pursendipity, try balNY. They started making a bigger weekender which they call "mens" because it has larger handles...sadly though it does not have a mirror..
  5. hey everyone im seriously considering getting a black weekender as i love huge bags, however what is the black leather like currently? when i went into selfridges a while ago and looked at the black work bags, the black leather was very thin and shiny, almost looked cheap and plasticy, is the leather the same on the weekender? also is this a practical everyday bag? or is it better to get in a different colour rather than black? ahhhhh help me.lol
  6. Lauren, that was probably the early 06 leather that you saw. The later 06 is actually really nice... on most bags anyway.
  7. mammab, i have a black weekender and it makes a fabulous toddler bag! if you love your work, you'll love the weekender even more. it carries so much and isn't much heavier.
  8. I love love my black weekender... so light yet holds a ton.....