I really want a Black city

  1. I've purchased a black city from Nordstrom (arden fair) but had to exchange it b/c it turned to green? So I got the 08 but the color faded, just the sides....
    Is it just the city that has been fading? Or the work size as well?
    I want to order one from Balenciaga-NY now...hopefully I won't have any more issues!
    (Do they charge for shipping?)

  2. I'm sorry that you've had so many problems trying to find a great black city! I'm pretty sure that BalNY still ships via UPS for free. Good luck!!
  3. I don't think it matters the size, it's just an unfortunate problem a lot of people have had with black. If I were you I would op for a dark neutral if you wanna stay away from the fading black bags!
  4. thats so weird.. is the fading very noticable? b/c mine hasnt faded or turned gree.. but sometimes i wonder if it has and i just cant tell lol

    either way, i would think it would have to do with the leather, so i dont think the size would matter... i guess its just luck of the draw unfortunately.
  5. Have you considered an older/used one? I haven't heard of anyone having issues with fading prior to 2007...but correct me if I'm wrong. My 2005 City is a very rich saturated black...I think if it were going to fade it would have before now.
  6. I have an 07 black city from BalNY...it looks great! I live in CA where the sun can get pretty intense. I always cover it when I'm in the car. Good Luck...the black city is a great classic!
  7. I have an 07 black city. No fading or turning green. I have only had it for a little over a month, but it's as gorgeous as the day I got her and I use her everyday. Sorry this happend to you.
  8. I have an 07 black city that I purchased in New York last June. I use it as my "everyday" bag and it is still gorgeous....no fading whatsoever!
  9. I bought 07 black city only 2 mths ago, and so far so good...
    I will be upset if mine turns green, considering its not a cheap bag!
  10. i guess i'll add.. i got my o7 black city in october (or late september, cant remember exactly) and have pretty much used it every day, and i live/go to school in extremely sunny places and no fading/discoloration whatsoever (unless i'm very blind).

    was your first bag an o7? if not, maybe try locating an o7.. i'm sure balny must still have some. when i ordered from kim she said they had just gotten in 2 new shipments.
  11. Wow, I am sorry you are going through this. How disappointing...
    I got my Black City at Barneys Beverly Hills. I got it in October and it's an 07. So far living in LA, and I haven't experienced any fading yet.
    Was yours an 08 or 07?
    Maybe you can call them( miriam is so helpful) and they could send you one.
    Good Luck and keep us posted:heart:
  12. Thanks everyone for your feedback... the first one I got was F/W 07 -this turned green and the second one was 08....(not as bad as 07)
  13. Sorry to hear about your purse fading. I live in Texas and just purchased an '07 Tomato City from BalNY last Wednesday and there was no charge for shipping or taxes. I spoke with Daisy, she's great.
  14. i just went to NM in SF yesterday, and they had a ton of black bal...Just to let you know!:yes: