I really want a bandage skirt like this- any suggestions?

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  1. I really want to buy a simple black skirt like the one Ashley Olsen is seen wearing below. If you have any suggestions where to find one please let me know! Thanks. Also.. has anyone bought any of the items from The Row? I would love to try a piece out from their collection.
  2. Here is a picture of one that is a possibility. So far the best I can find. Your thoughts are much appreciated!
    By the way, the slit in the picture is the zipper.
  3. In the pic she's wearing Calvin Klein.
  4. The one you found isn't bad, I like the zipper in front.
  5. Rachel Pally makes a bandage skirt, it was from her summer line this year.
  6. This one is GREAT. And if you spill something on it and it stains, it's okay because it's not like you spend 300 dollars on it.