i really told myself i wouldn't do this...

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  1. so when i first saw the b-bags, i didn't like them, right? they were silly looking, the buckles looked like droopy boobs, and i wasn't going to follow the trend.

    and then this pops up on eluxury:



    something about the start contrast of a natural fabric like pristine white linen with a sexy, flashy material like black patent leather just makes me want it SO BAD.

    so don't let me order it. talk me down from my ledge. please!
  2. It will be so over by fall.
    What would you wear it with?
    The linen will get dirty if you breathe on it.

    How am I doing?
  3. Man that bag is so ugly lookin like a hippo face from the front !!!!LOL Does it help?
  4. lol yeah actually it does. keep it comin'
  5. The linen will get so dirty and dingy looking. It'll even turn yellow like it got pee on it. And the buckles look like toilet seats--so that doesn't help either.

    (I'm really trying just to be helpful and turn you off the bag ;))
  6. Oh and people have been having problems with eluxury lately--at least two people... So you'd probably have problems, then you'd have this huge headache to deal with and have someone write an angry example letter to them. Just not worth the hassle.
  7. Too trendy...not timeless enough to justify the expense. Just say NO!
  8. "like droopy boobs" HA! amanda, you slay me.:P
  9. Eh! It's ugly and does look like drooping boobs! The black looks really shiny too!
  10. Omg... this one is so helirious!!! Good one!! :lol: ROTL
  11. thank you guys! i really think it worked! i am newly refocused on my pursuit of the perfect spring bag.
  12. Thanks! I was trying to be as negative as possible, but didn't want to gross everyone out--glad I got a laugh! :biggrin:
  13. OMG this one looks like to droopy PIERCED boobs.
    YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!!!!
  14. That just made me LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol:
  15. Glad we were all able to help you! Now you can save up for what you truly want;)