I really regret....

  1. Share your stories of regret...Did you buy something then think WTH did I buy this?? Did you sell something only to buy it again???

    I recently sold me cerises speedy and I miss her!!! I found one in mint like new condition for $250 less than what I sold mine for, so I bought it yesterday!!! I feel like an idiot but I got my bag back!! Word of advice: If you tire of a bag keep it for a couple months before selling you might un-tire of it!
  2. I never re-sell anything vuitton and Chanel. I always let Gucci and other brands go.
    **I think Cerises Speedy is so cute**
    I have a bucket Cerises bag and don't like the style. Anyway, still keep and hardly used her. Anyway, I still love the pattern which is so cute!
  3. I regret buying my popincourt. It's just too small and oddly shaped. WTF was I thinking? Oh, well....wish I'd gotten the PH instead but at the time I thought it looked too much like my batignolles.
  4. Not LV but, I bought a Fendi Spy and really hated it. The bag was bigger than me, I only used it once and by the end of the day my arm was in so much pain. Bleh.
  5. Had a PH and sold it. Just got another one to replace it - not letting go of it this time, lol!
  6. Not yet but i keep thinking about selling my mc speedy and replacing her with a BH and cersies speedy.. but i know the minute i sell it will want it back.. I'm holding out.
  7. i sort of regret my myrtille speedy. i bought it sight unseen and while it's so pretty it's really too small for me. well, maybe one day i'll lose weight and it will look fabulous. and will soften up so it's easier to get in and out of.

    no matter what i wish i had waited and tried to find a used one and not one at full retail.

  8. I'm kinda there with you Michelle1025. I bought 2 Fendi Spy bags recently. They are beautiful, but not so much heavy for me, but it's kinda a pain in the tush to get in and out of. It's really cumbersome. I hardly use them =/ I'm gonna keep one definately cause it's an uncommon or rare-ish print but my solid one I think I'll be giving to my best friend, she'll use it definately and give it a good home :yes: So, basically...moral of me personal story...besides from the few other brands I have..Louis Vuitton is by far THE best quality, use, value, love ever as far as handbags. I'm gonna stick primarily to LV now. Also, from the cost of my Fendi's I could have gotten like 3 LV handbags accessories and stuff.
  9. I regret not starting my collection when the cherry blossom was in!:girlsigh:
  10. I regret not loving LV earlier when I had a lot of savings.
    And I believe I will buy my Speedy 30 back later~
  11. I regret not buying LV when I was a single working woman with a good disposable income. Now I have no income (I'm a sahm).
  12. I really regret buying a used bag. I have bought several things from elux, but the stinky used bag kind of ruined the whole thing for me. I've only bought one thing from elux since the stinky bag, and I just don't want anything else. I've completely lost interest. Hopefully its just a phase.
  13. I regret buying my Dior Girly Boston bag, its cute, but for the price and the durability...not worth it! It was my retail therapy during a rough patch.
  14. no regrets yet. i love all my purchases so far, i think.

    i haven't sold any of my LV bags yet... i feel like i have an attachment to them. even when i decide to list a bag, i have to really, really think about it because i'm always afraid that i'll regret letting it go.
  15. i never resell my LVs....i think for a long time b4 i bring them home...once they are home with me.....they won't leave me anymore!