I really, really should be on purse ban.....but....

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  1. I couldn't resist.

    I was at work this morning making plans to go visit my parents in NC this weekend. So I decided to call my lovely SA at Saks in Raleigh. I was just there 3 weeks ago and picked up a Kooba Natasha and a Marc Jacobs. I said anything good..........

    She says "But of course" :nuts::nuts:

    So this is what I have being mailed to me (so I can avoid that garsh darn sales tax).....
    Kooba Meredith
    Chloe Ave
    Marc Jacobs Might Weekender

    All for less than.....ah, nevermind, lets just say I got a dayum good bargain. Ladies, there's nothing like a good SA and nothing better than a great sale - would you agree:yes:

    Thanks for letting me share:p
  2. Those are gorgeous! :smile: Congrats!!
  3. That's GREAT. Your SA is priceless! And those new bags are beautiful. :woohoo::woohoo:
  4. Lucky you!
  5. I got the Ava East West satchel - love it, but wish it was in antilope...
  6. Those bags look good enough to eat!!! Very yummy!!!
  7. very nice! I really like the colour on the pale tan one. Nice to have a good SA like that!
  8. nice stuff! I like the white one!
  9. Thanks ladies. I can't wait 'til I get them in the mail. The Chloe feels like butta baby:smile:
  10. congrats on all your new purchases!
  11. Purse bans are meant to be broken! :tup:
  12. Wow! That must be one hell of a sale. The Saks where I live did have anything that good. I did just find this Gryson Josey on sale though: http://www.rarechic.com/product_view.php?id=179. If you use the Rare20 code you get 20% off which makes the bag almost half price. A pretty good deal, I must say.....