I really really screwed up and bid on an obvious fake. :(

  1. I don't know what I was thinking, except that I bid late at night and I was probably just excited to see a great deal. I already reported the bags to eBay, but the listing is still up and I am the highest bidder. I emailed the seller, and she was a witch about it, and implied that it was my fault, even though selling fakes is illegal anyway, and she isn't canceling my bid like I requested. Should I just do a bid retraction? It ends in about 7 hours.

    If enough people report the item, will it get taken off?

    The results of my folly:
  2. I reported it! You dont have to pay for an item that is fake on eBay, even if you are the winning bidder! Just contact eBay by using the chat button and let them know!!, Also you can do your own bid retraction
  3. That's good news! Thanks! I didn't want to do a bid retraction because doesn't it count against you as the bidder? I will do the MAC chat thing if I do end up winning it.
  4. No, it doesn't hurt your status as a bidder. But I'm not sure if you can retract your bid this late in the game yourself. What an obnoxious seller that she won't retract your bid!
  5. How do you report an auction? These are so seriously fake-looking its not even funny. Sig lining on a sig bag. :throwup:
  6. ^^
    or you can click on the auction, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "report this item"
    Step 1, choose "counterfeits and copyright violations"
    Step 2, choose "Potential trademark infringement"
    Step 3, choose "Counterfeit handbags"
    Hit "Continue"
    On the Contact Us screen under "Contact Customer Support" make sure you click on "email us"
    Then hit "send"

    Fakes Suck - Let's get this listing removed
  7. Reported it for you!

    Also, maybe add this to the fakes thread so more people can report it?
  8. It's gone!:tup:
  9. Yay! Thanks you guys. I'll definitely be more careful in the future.
  10. Glad you didn't have to pay for it.