i really really really want a gucci!

  1. i want a nice classic jackie o style gucci but the $900+ price tag isn't appealing. do these ever go on sale? has anyone gotten a new one off of ebay? just curious...Thanks :smile:
  2. Hi my JKO is the navy with stripes large hobo. Absolutely love it! It retailed at over 1500.00 at Holt Renfrew in Canada. I happen to be at the store when they did a big end of season mark down and got it for 599.00...I lucked out and love the bag.
  3. Hi those bags go on sale. A sure bet is June and December end of season sales. I saw a bunch of Jackie O's this past June. You just got to keep on it. Also I believe the website Gucci.com had a sale while the stores had the sales. So, if you can hold out til December you can probably score a Jackie O at up to 40% off the retail price. Also, ebay is an option. good luck!
  4. It's hard to find authentic gucci bags on ebay since there are so many fakes. Gucci.com will have 30% off on fabric and 40% off on leather bags. I'm sure you will find it. I'm going to wait for their sale this December/January and see if I can get a jackie o as well.
  5. There are Gucci outlets around in major cities (or outskirts) usually part of high-end outlet malls. You might be able to find some good deals on out-of-season designs, and get to see the bags and purses in person. The danger of the internet are the amount of AAA Fakes out there. Good luck and have fun shopping!