i really really like this bracelet, what do you guys think?

  1. Very nice!!!! Love the theme of it.....so very different too!!!
  2. It's very pretty :yes:
  3. Thats really cute, I love the design.
  4. It's lovely. I definitely think it's worth the money. I love Tiffany's silver jewelry.
  5. I think it's very pretty but I don't think it's worth the money. It's sterling silver, after all!
  6. I love anything with a beach theme.
  7. Its beautiful..Love the turquise accents!
  8. very unique tiffany piece, kinda pricy for turquoise and silver though...but if you love it go for it!
  9. I think it's beautiful. I don't *think* I'd spend that much on it but my Pandora bracelet has cost me a lot more than that so who knows ;)
  10. Gorgeous! You can't go wrong with Tiffany's!
  11. It is lovely...a bit more than I'd ever spend, but then again I could make my own. lol :smile:
  12. very cute :smile:
  13. I like it but I really like the Etsy suggestion as well. I like unique bracelets.

    I would buy what you love. The price is only expensive if it sits in a drawer. If you lwear it often, it's a better investment than a bunch of bracelets that you don't love.