I REALLY needthe tattersall scarf/muffler to match the hat I bought, 98412...

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  1. I already put this on the help me find thread but it always takes a while to get a response there if you do... So I've been getting pm's because of my sig and wanted to post a thread to put up the pics in a thread started by me.

    Here's the scarf:


    I need it to match this hat:

  2. #2 Jan 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2009
    I have that hat too, and wanted the scarf. On THREE occasions I had the scarf in hand at the outlet about 2-1/2 mos. ago. I kept putting it back because the scarf was $60. I thought that was pricey but it's soooo soft.
    If I see one anywhere I'll let you know. I wish the outlets would get a few more in and lower the price then I'd have the matching set.
  3. Thanks oops! I have two different outlets an equal distance from me, but I doubt they'll get more. Returns maybe?
  4. I've seen several on ebay.
  5. I saw scarves at the outlet but none were tattersall :sad: none were cute actually but all super soft
  6. I got my scarf back in October, they didn't have that many to begin with (at least at the outlets near me). Your best bet right now is eBay, since the holidays just past and of course many people buy the proverbial scarf as a gift.
  7. I bought the scarf!!!!! :woot: I kept looking on ebay but kept losing the auctions at the last minute! Luckily that one was buy it now!!! I got pm's about it too so thanks everyone for your help!

    I'm also watching that wristlet, i've been trying to decide if I want the wristlet or a small bag... we'll see!
  8. Congrats you got it!! Yay!
  9. I bought that scarf for my mom for Christmas but, I picked it up a couple of months ago. I thought that was a bit pricy too but, it's so soft and warm. I really wanted to get her the Legacy one but, they were only available at full price...a little too pricy since I sent her some other goodies..
  10. Those scarfs went on 50% clearance just before Christmas for $20. Glad you were able to find one!
  11. You're welcome athomephoto! Glad to help!
    I'm very happy you were able to purchase it for your collection.

    Also, If anyone finds this bag for sale, New or in excellent used condition, please let me know.
    It's the Large Hamptons Weekend Tote - Green/Blue #1895

  12. I spent quite a bit more than $20 unfortunately... :sad: