I really need your honest opinions.....

  1. I have a pair of Manolo Blahnik Campari mary janes and I like them a lot. They have four inch heels and weren't easy to get BUT do they make my feet look really long?!?



  2. I don't think they do at all. I love them!
  3. ^ I agree. They look great on you!
  4. They look awesome on you!

    I'm so jealous. :smile:
  5. I don't think they make your feet look long. I like the way they look on you. Enjoy!
  6. They look fabulous. I love those shoes
  7. I don't think so.
  8. They do look great!!!
  9. Maybe they do from above at your angle - but not from our view!
  10. I think they look good on you. I can never get away with the pointy toe. My feet are too big and they look monstorous in shoes like that. You're very lucky you can.
  11. No! They look great!
  12. They look fine!! But the 4-inch heel part made my feet ache just from reading it.. LOL. I love heels but am terribly clumsy.
  13. I love them! They look great on you! And Mary-Janes are so in again this fall. :smile:
  14. they look great!
  15. thanks everyone!!! that really helps a lot. i guess i had a moment of insecurity there. :smile: