I really need your help, What do i do?

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  1. My husband shocked me so much yesterday, he graduated with his master's degree today and i bought him his holy grail musical instrument last week. Last night he called me into the kitchen when he came home from work and said, " This is your gift for everything you ave done to help me achieve this ! " It was a pegase 55 from the store. Pics below. I nearly fainted, i have always wanted one but around $3700 NEW. I would have never bought new, i just would not spend that kind of money. I just think it is extravagant for a carry on ! Oh i do love it though ! I am wondering if i should return and look for 2nd hand ? It has been bothering me all night justifying spending that on a carry on?

    Any thoughts please?

    ps, my hubby is an angel ;)

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  2. I think a carry on is fine, never a checked bag. I would keep it because it was a gift from him.
  3. I would definitely keep it. Your DH did such a kind & thoughtful thing to show how much your sacrifices for him have allowed him this wonderful achievement.

    I bet he feels really good about himself giving you such an extravagant gift for a "Thank You for all you've done".

    Okay, so you can't check it at the airport, but I bet you'll have many trips in the car where you can carry it with pride.

    Big congrats to both you and your DH! :balloon:
  4. I am the same as you! It would KILL me the thought of how much I could have saved! Keep it though, buying it for you meant so much to him.
  5. Would your husband be offended if you returned it? I say keep it, you deserve it. Congratulations to the both of you.
  6. I think you should keep it. I think he would be somewhat hurt/offended if you returned it. Keep it and enjoy in good health!
  7. This so depends on you and your hubby's relationship. If you think it is important to him that he got you something new. If you think that it was part of what made his gift special and the moment special that he was able to give you something incredible without looking for a deal. Then just keep it, love the fact no other human has ever touched it and it is something special between you and him. If you don't think that him giving you your dream gift brand new is symbolic in anyway then I might consider it.
  8. So nice but.... I would honestly perfer a bag, shoes or something I would use daily, as nice as the gift is from your HB, it will only sit in a cupboard and only be used for trips... Exchange for sometime you can use right now. Your HB is adorable 🌟🌟
  9. Your hubby obviously loves and appreciates you. Knowing your love for LV this was a truly thoughtful gift from his heart. Keep it and smile when you look at it and see how very much he treasures you!!
  10. Oh man, that's a tough one! I have returned/exchanged items my hubby has bought me, but that's our dynamic.

    Not knowing you and your hubby, it's hard to chime in.

    Good luck, and congrats on the wonderful gift!
  11. I would definitely keep it! Just enjoy this special time!
  12. It's definitely a great gesture for saying "Thank you" for all that you have done for him, supporting him, and letting him achieve his goal.
  13. Keep it! You'll have it your whole life. Bags come and go but this will be enjoyed forever. Such a treat from your husband, bound to always make you smile.
  14. What a wonderfully thoughtful gift from your husband!! You said you'd always wanted one and he remembered :smile: congratulations!!!!! I would treasure it, enjoy!
  15. Keep it! This is a special occasion and so are your vacations! It's gorgeous! But if it's going to eat away at you- exchange it!
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