I really need your help regarding metal colors and also help deciding on watch.

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  1. Ok, so I have and all white gold ring. It's kind big and I have TINY fingers, so it's rather substantial looking on me. I've always worn steel watches but lately I've started to like watches with yellow gold on them.

    Can you mix like that? These aren't two tone watches, but rather like white resin with gold accents or horn colored with gold accents. I'll include a picture of my ring, and one yellow gold toned watch I like. Also I would love your opinion on these two watches and which you like better and why. And to clarify, this white one does not have yellow gold on it. I think these are thumbnails, so you might have to click on to see larger.


  2. oops
  3. Ooo, I found another I like. Lets call this #3