I really need your help please

  1. i have had this on my mind for a while but didn't post anything because i don't know I guess i didn't want to stress about it.

    Some of you may remember from another thread i posted that i had a friend who spoke to someone they knew so i can get a birkin well ladies ~~~~~~

    the time is here I GOT THE CALL

    BUT im not happy or excited because i mentioned to my mother that i was going to get one and at first she seemed helpful asking a friend if they could get one for me (i pay of course) so i didn't have to wait the 1-3 years but once i told her my friend hooked me up for the past two weeks she tells me...." i can't believe your going to pay 8k for a bag but your not even going to spend that amount to bury me"... :wtf:

    i don't know why she tells me that i don't even want to think about that but i feel guilty and now well...here i am on the computer instead of rushing to H to get it!!

    oh and the skin is togo so im going to look at it but what if it's to veiny how do i pass on the bag and tell The SA i rather wait for my first choose skin without putting them off since my friend pulled strings to help me out in the first place

    uughh...i should be excited and jumping for joy but im not

    any thoughts
  2. don't let other people's opinions make you feel guilty. people all have their own and you should have yours.

    push out other peoples thoughts and really think of your own and see if you are guilty because of them or because of your own thoughts.
  3. Forget what Mom said, go to H boutique quick, and check the bag. I am so excited for you.
  4. Call the store or tell this friend of yours to help reserve the bag for you for a couple of days because you'd be busy. Stall for some time.

    You need to sort this thing out with your Mom before even going to the store. You will only be happy if your obtain your Mom's blessing. Tell her you know it's expensive but it's something you'd always wanted. Maybe you'd want o share this bag with her? Whatever it is, talk it out calmly with her, and if possible, let her go to the store with you.
  5. I don't know how old you are, but I guess you're still in your 20's, and therefore your Mom still feels like you need to listen to her advice?
  6. I agree with mrssparkles. :tup::tup:
  7. Oh Solid Gold. What kind of person is your mum? Will she calm down on her own, is she looking for some love and bonding from you or is this simply a difference of opinion regarding a large expenditure on a handbag? Figure out what your mother is looking for and whether you can give it to her.

    The bottom line is that you must do what makes you happy (since it will not hurt anyone else) and soften the outcome if others have problems with it.

    I think that Mrs. Sparkles has a great idea about taking your mum to the store with you (if appropriate).
  8. stall for time can i do that??? I thought they didn't hold bags for more than 1-2 days

    oh my mom would come with me even if she didn't agree if i asked her to but she put that thought in my mind and i feel guilty now
  9. my mom didn't know how much my bag cost until like vogue put one in there and she was like you spent @#%@#% on a bag. I was like oh no mom...mine was like a third.

    always cut the price in a third or half for husbands, moms, etc. makes life easier.

    and I make my own money and they don't pay a dime anymore...so shoot. I can do what I want.

    Like Cartman on Southpark said...its my body I will do what I want.

    just change that with the money part....

    see if he can you can.

  10. If your friend has a good relationship with the store, they can even keep the bag for you for a couple of weeks, but it's not commonly done. So, ask for a specific number of days. Just say you'd be out of town or something.

    And hopefully during this time, you can sort things out with your Mom. All the best.
  11. erm ..... I don't really know what to say about this .... how about going to the reference section to look at all the gorgeous Birkins .... and see if you still would want to own one. It might help to kill your sense of guilt. :greengrin::smartass:
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    thats so funny...thanks for making me laugh...
  13. i can't say that...i already said i was going in today :push:
  14. oh just watch the other one....

    I have an idea...the second one with the girl....show that video to your mom and be like see mom, whiles I is a playa, at least I am not like her....so come on naw.....at least I didn't turn out like her.....you be blessed!

    okay. too much Maury on youtube. I have my own webcam. Maybe I should should make some videos.