I really need your balenciaga expert opinons!!

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  1. I'm about to buy 1 or maybe 2 balenciaga bags. The funny thing is the SA actually told me there are alot of knock offs out there and its not really worth it for me to buy the original since its so widely copied. I thank him for his honesty but i didn't want to hear that.....
    what do you ladies think??? usually i don't care since all bags are copied now adays but the balenciaga seems to be copied to the t.....
    so i donno.......... what do ya'll think??
  2. i can't believe an SA said that. i love my balenciaga, it was totally worth it, i wouldn't think of carrying an 'inspired' bag instead.
  3. But the feeling of carrying an authentic Balenciaga moto bag that majority of the people out there can't even get their hands on or know where to get it from is significantly different than carrying a fake one!! :nuts: Heck, I didn't even know you can still buy B-bags until I got stuck in this forum. :amuse: So by all means, go out and get a B-bag and enjoy the stares from others!!
  4. i agree, they're quite hard to come by, Atlanta is one of the biggest retail markets in the country, and neither Saks nor Neimans here carries them, they're only at one small, locally-owned boutique. they're QUITE exclusive, it's quite a privilege to own one, IMO.
  5. Love my b-bags. The medium size (city) is classic, gorgeous, and practical.
  6. I would ignore what the SA said and buy what makes you happy. So what if it's copied? Do you really care what others think? You'll know you're carrying a real Balenciaga, and if you love it, that's what matters :biggrin:
  7. Sounds like a SA who was trying to get you to buy what he was selling.

    I am right there with Irissy; before this forum I had written off being able to buy one (no stores here carry them).

    Now, I own 2 with 2 en route to me. :biggrin:

    I don't care if they are replicated - I know mine are real.
  8. ok girls thats what i need a little reassurance! i'll post pix asap.
  9. Can anyone post pics of the First & City? I'm confused!!! :shame:
  10. I wonder if that SA was getting ready to quit his job and wanted to hurt future sales for the store. why would a SA say this to anyone?
  11. I think he was just being honest. He's been there for years he just blunt. lol
  12. Well, a lot of people use the same logic for Louis Vuitton.. and guess which brand is so popular that it even has it's own subforum on the pb boards.. ;)
  13. "Everyone and their mother carries a speedy" So what? I love mine, and I know it's real..That's the most blunt SA I have heard of!
  14. I would totally not mind my mom carry the same speedy asI do!!! hahaha....I try to avoid this thread since the balenciaga is growing on me but I think you should carry whatever you like and make you happy nevermind what everyone else think.