*I really need your advice : Another Stam Dilemma!! :(

  1. Hi everyone.

    Okay, so as you all know. I got the Ivory Patchwork Stam from NAP the other day. It's really beautiful, but I wasn't head over heels about it. It bothered me, I gave it some time.. & realized that the more I look at it, the more I love it!! :smile:

    However! I took Melly's advice and called the MJ boutique in NY and they looked up the White Chiffon Stam and said there were NONE available- ANYWHERE. *TEAR* I was so heart broken. I kind of had a feeling though. She said something about how the White Chiffon & a few other colors went on an Employee Discount Sale thingy when the NEW colors came in. So they're all gone :sad: BUT..... the SA said she looked on the computer and it states that the MJ White Chiffon is still available. WEIRD, huh? She doesn't know if they computer has or has not been updated yet... BLAH BLAH. Cause it says somewhere they the White Chiffon is NOT available anymore- but in the computer, it doesn't say that or something like that. I don't exactly remember.

    HERE is the PROBLEM.
    She said she'd know for SURE in 2 weeks - due to inventory.
    She'll call me back on the 20th~
    THE PROBLEM IS: If the White Chiffon is available.. I want to return the Patchwork. *BUT* If it isn't, I *definitely* want to keep the Patchwork.
    Unfortunately NAP has the 14 day return policy and the 14th DAY is on the 20th. I'm not sure if it'll still be okay for me to return the Patchwork or not.
    I don't really know what to do right now.

    Sorry for the confusing story.......
    OYYY.. just so stressed. :sad:
  2. hmmm....that's kinda risky, cant the SA do some calling around, it seems like 2 weeks is a rather long time to do inventory. or have her give you numbers and start calling around. i think that'd be quicker and more efficient than waiting for her to get back to you..
  3. hmmm - that is quite a quandary ...maybe you could email NAP and ask if they can extend that day by just a few days (lie and say its for a b'day pressie or something). OR you could wait and sell it on eBay - surely someone will buy an authentic stam (god knows there arent many!)

  4. she could sell it on eBay, but to make back what she paid, she'd have to ask more than retail because of eBay fees and paypal fees. damn those fees!