I really need to stop now!

  1. I went to Coach AGAIN this morning and ordered the Gigi in Clay!! It's such a beautiful bag and I wish they had one in the store but I had to order it. But she said I should have it by Friday, so I don't have to wait too long! I'm so excited!! Those of you who have a Gigi, do you use it as an everyday bag or just for those occasions you need to carry lots of stuff?
  2. Congrats! I just ordered my Gigi in clay this morning as well! My store didn't have one either so I should have it by the end of the week! I plan on using this as an everyday bag...I love big bags anyway so should be perfect!

    Hey we are kind of "bag buddies"!! We both now have Lily, Miranda and Gigi! If you also have Mandy, Ali and a Legacy '06 satchel, then we really will be bag buddies!!! ;)
  3. Congrats!! What a cute bag, would love to see pics when it comes!
  4. That's so funny! I do have the Mandy as well but not the others! Yay, I like having a bag buddy! :yahoo:What would be even weirder (if thats a word!) is if we had them all in the same color too! My Lily is black (I think you said you got the whiskey one), Miranda is the burgandy, and my Mandy is whiskey.
  5. My Miranda is the bordeaux and my Mandy is whiskey as well! But I did get Lily in whiskey so not quite a match on the colors!!! ;)
  6. Close enough! Enjoy your new bags!