I really need to make a decision.

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  1. I don't want something small yet I don't want something that is huge on me (5'4). I can't decide on these bags. I am going to get the white leather trim on all the bags, just need to decide on what style to get. Please give me your opinion/reasoning asap!!! I need to purchase the bag soon. =)

    ONE. http://www.gucci.com/us/product-shots/us-english/us/fw06_lu_114595_F069R_9761.asp

    TWO. http://www.gucci.com/us/product-shots/us-english/us/cl_hb_153010_F40IG_9643.asp

    THREE. http://www.gucci.com/us/product-shots/us-english/us/cl_hb_141470_F4DYG_1000.asp

    FOUR. http://www.gucci.com/us/product-shots/us-english/us/cl_hb_120836_F40IR_9643.asp
  2. I love # 1 and # 3. The best. Goodluck
  3. I like #4 because I own that bag and just think it's a classic style and great size. My second favorite is #1.

    I like all four choices, so I don't think you can go wrong!
  4. Ok.. here's my 2 GGS with pics! I do want to say I like all those style bags so I'm going for what you're looking for with regards to size

    #1 - I love the style but you said you want something not too small or too big. My Gucci Eclipse Tote is about 13 inches long and I consider it on the big side. I do love it so here's a pic for comparison. This bag is 3 inches longer.. I've seen it IRL and I think it's more of a work / school tote.

    2, 3 - may be a better size for what you need.

    #4 is my favorite style because I love the Eclipse hardware! But I'm wondering if the bag might be too short lengthwise. It says it's about 8 /12 inches long but it's a tall bag so I guess it depends what you carry. I'm one to use a purseket in a bag so I like a lot of room on the bottom.

    Good Luck with your decision.
  5. i like #3 the best...it's the most fun style! ;o)
  6. I agree with Shar... #3 the best of the 4. Classic yet fun and it's the sleekest of the group.
  7. third one ....
  8. Another vote for 3.
  9. I cant see the pictures - I just get directed to Guccis homepage? Can someone post the pics thanks?

  10. i like #3 the best. good luck with your decision. i know its hard, but follow your heart.
  11. i like 1 and 4 best.
  12. I really like #1 but it would be too big. So I went ahead and bought bag #3, thanks ladies =)
  13. I like number 2
  14. I love #3. I love the classic shape, the zip top, it is a great shoulder bag size (would be comfortable on your shoulder, hanging down under your arm), the color (black), the way the straps go down each side of the bag (& there is a little hoop ring on the one strap). That one is the one that really caught my eye as I went through the pics. Please let us know what you decide. << OOPS!! edit... I see now (should have read down through the entire thread) that you did choose #3!! Great bag. Congrats!!

  15. Great choice!!!!!:yes:
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